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Resilience by Linore Rose Burkard ends 2/6


    Please welcome Linore Rose Burkard to my blog this week. Linore is giving away a copy of Resilience to one lucky winner. To enter please answer ask Linore a question or answer one of the following. Do you worry about us facing EMP's why or why not? Are you a prepper? Why or why not. Don't forget to leave your email address.
    Linore, you used to write Christian regency romance. What inspired you to write this very different series?
1. The PULSE EFFEX Series began when I was researching solar flares for a story idea. My research led me to EMPs, (electromagnetic pulses which can result from a strong solar flare), and then I discovered that it is totally possible for an EMP to wipe out our electric grid—virtually for the whole nation. It could happen in the blink of an eye due to a sun flare—or a terrorist attack. The implications of what life would be like in the aftermath just tugged at my heart. Most people are unaware of the danger, and are unprepared to survive if it ever happens.  But NASA and even our Congress agree that it can. So I wrote the first book, PULSE, showing what life might look like. It's entertainment , but with a lot of takeaway for the reader.

2. What do you mean by takeaway? 
The book is saying, "Hey, this could happen, and you need to be ready." The takeaway is that it shows ways to do that, to prepare. I get letters from readers whose lives have been changed. They say, "I've started preparing after reading this book," or, "I've stepped up my preps." There's this perception that preppers are on the fringe, or paranoid. PULSE shows that in reality they are ordinary families like the Martins, whose closet or two of food storage ends up keeping not only their family alive, but other people as well. Readers see the life and death difference a little food storage can make, but also that it is something they can do. I believe that as Christians we are called to be prepared, not only for leaving this earth (by faith in Jesus) but also for earthly needs while we're here.  

3. You've written two books in the series, PULSE and RESILIENCE. Now you're   working on the third volume, right? Yes, RESISTANCE. I'm roughly halfway through edits, but I don’t want to give away the story except to say that it reveals more about the characters, and goes deeper into what can happen in a grid-down world—but with hope.  

4. Can you tell us about the second book in the series? RESILIENCE continues the story of survival for the three girls and their families that began in PULSE, but I was able to bring in a character named Roper. He's a wonderful guy, a youth minister before the pulse, killer handsome, but charming and with a great sense of humor. His specialty is one-liners, the kind a stand-up comic would use. Some of them are groaners, but his humor brought a lighter note into an otherwise dark situation (which continues in the next book, Resistance).  He's a love interest for one of the main characters, which was also a way to bring some light into a dark scenario.    

5. Would you share some favorite bits of dialogue from the books? 
            Sure. In PULSE, 16 year old Sarah confronts her brother Richard, who has learned about EMPs  at college and realizes the deadly implications. She says,

            "I can't believe this. It's only been a day without power and everyone's

acting crazy!" Richard plopped down next to me, opening the apple pie he'd

managed to get while McDonald's was being looted.

              "That's because everyone knows this is bad."

 I still didn't want to believe that. "How do you know for sure? What if the power comes back later today or tomorrow?"

He looked at me sideways, chewing. "It won't."

              "How do you know for sure?"

              "Because it's not just the electric, Sarah. It's everything. ALL electronics. It's not

just a power outage. It's a catastrophic thing, like I told you, an electromagnetic

pulse. It affected everything that's electronic, and that's why people are freaking

out. When you can't turn on the news, or drive anywhere, or heat your house or

go to a store to buy more food, people WILL panic." 

I took a shaky breath. "How long do you think it will last?" My mother came into

the room carrying Jesse. She'd heard my question and looked at my brother,


              Richard was silent a moment, looking down and fiddling with the sturdy paper

wrapper of the pie. "A long time."   

From RESILIENCE.  I thought I'd let you meet Roper just the way Andrea does. Here's the scene, as they are about to engage with foreign soldiers who are arriving on the property in army trucks.

(Andrea) A man I didn't recognize was already crouched at the window. I'd heard someone new had joined the compound and figured this was him. My bipod was in position by the other window…I glanced at the man, who turned and nodded at me—and about did a double take. This guy was beautiful, possibly the best looking guy I'd ever seen in my life! He had thick, golden-brown curls that reached his shoulder, mesmerizing blue eyes, and a rough-shaven chin, probably the beginnings of a beard. He gave me an encouraging little smile but I was too astonished, taking in his good looks, to return it. So this was the new guy!  

Stay tuned for Book Three in the PULSE EFFEX SERIES, Resistance, coming in April/May 2017!

6. What accomplishment means the most to you?
What I'm proudest of seems to change as life goes on. At one time, it was graduating magna cum laude from CUNY (City University of New York). Then, like any author, I'm proud of my books; but what means the most to me is my marriage and family. The Lord graciously gave me a wonderful husband and five children. Relationships are the most rewarding thing there is.  Books will perish, all man-made things will one day be consumed, but people are eternal, and nothing matters more than eternal beings. People are what God cares about most, and what he calls us to care most about.   

Linore Rose Burkard wrote a trilogy of  regency romances for the Christian market before there were any regencies for the Christian market. Her books opened up the genre in the CBA. She also writes YA Suspense/Apocalyptic fiction as L.R. Burkard. Raised in NYC in a family of ten, she now lives in Ohio with her husband and five children. A longtime homes-schooling mom, she still schools her youngest daughter, preferably with coffee in one hand and her iPad in the other. Her latest PULSE EFFEX SERIES takes readers into a "chilling possible future for America."

Connect with readers:  Linore loves staying in touch with readers and offers a newsletter with book drawings, free PDFs, contests, illustrations and short articles. To keep up with Linore, get on the mailing list at either of her websites:, or

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When an electromagnetic pulse takes down the electric grid of the nation, three teenage girls and their families struggle to survive. Has the world collapsed forever? Who will survive when technology fails?  


In this action-packed sequel to PULSE, L.R.Burkard  takes readers on a spine-tingling journey into a landscape where teens shoulder rifles instead of school books, and where survival might mean becoming your own worst enemy.

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Wildflower Ranch Series by Tina Dee ends January 30th

Please welcome Tina Dee to my blog! I'm so excited to have her here this week. Tina is graciously giving away a copy of both of her short stories and choice copy of one of my books. Be sure to read on down to see how to enter.

                                                            A Different Path

Have you ever stood on the threshold of a dream-come-true, but the ‘dream’ turned out to be something other than what you’d expected? Maybe it turned out to be much more work than you’d thought. After all, dreams don’t just drop into our laps, do they?

Well, they did for the hero of Wildflower Ranch, Dan Richards. After being dumped by his fiancĂ©e, Dan is offered the ranch of his dreams from his terminally ill uncle for a price he can’t refuse. Dan jumps at the chance to get away from the pain and embarrassment of being jilted by pouring himself into a ranch he has loved since childhood. But, when he arrives at the ranch it’s not what he had hoped or remembered. The ranch is in shambles.

To top that off, the foreman Dan hired is not what he’d expected either.

But that’s how life is, isn’t it? Unexpected surprises that come with the worst timing.

What can we do when we think we’ve received something wonderful, only to find it comes weighted heavily with challenges we weren’t expecting?

Dan has no money, but he finds he still has options because God always makes a way for the impossible to happen. So often, His plans do not go the way we had hoped, but they turn out to be better than we could have imagined if we stay open to change.

In Wildflower Ranch, my short story contemporary romance series, Dan finds this out. He stands at the doorway of his dreams, met with disappointment and an unexpected difference in the person he hired to be his right-hand man. But Dan opens his heart to whatever God has for him, and the things that were unexpected actually turn out to be by God’s design.

Has that ever been true for you? The path to your dreams became an unexpected journey, which you later found to be exactly what God had intended all along?

God knows and cares about our struggles, about the twists and turns in our paths. We can trust His ways.

Writing turned out to be that way for me. I’m living the dream. But it’s not the dream I thought it would be. It’s a lot of hard work, a lot of learning. In fact, it’s a lot of things I didn’t expect it would be. I remember thinking I’d write books and they’d be published and I’d be able to sit back and enjoy my coffee, basking in…in what? There’s a lot of work involved in publishing, whether you’re published by a traditional publisher or Indie published. There’s far more marketing I’m doing than I’d ever thought I’d have to learn, and then do! But it’s also more rewarding than I’d ever expected. I love the dream and all the work and that makes it a labor of love. In fact, I wouldn’t have it any other way. I love to write. Yes, it is a lot of work, but it’s incredibly rewarding. I know it’s a path God is leading me along.

And I wouldn’t change that part of the dream for anything.

Thank you for stopping by Debbie’s blog to visit with me today. Please leave a comment about your dreams and the unexpected journeys to them.

I’m giving away an ebook copy of Wildflower Ranch and Wrangled Into Love, which are books one and two from my Short Stories from Wildflower Ranch series, as well as a copy of one of Debbie’s fabulous books.

When you leave a comment about your dreams or unexpected journey you’ll be entered for a chance to win! Don't forget to leave your email address so I can contact you if you win. The winner of all three books will be announced January 30, 2017. U.S. only, void where prohibited.


Tina Dee is the author of both contemporary and historical sweet romances. Her stories are written with a good dose of humor and with characters who are flawed but lovable. She writes both Christian and clean-read stories. Living in Southern California with her family, she misses having four seasons, but still manages to write almost daily with her faithful writing companion, Molly-the-mutt, snoozing nearby in grandma’s old rocking chair. Molly could care less about what Tina writes, and more about when the next kibble drop will hit her food bowl. Some little writing partner she turned out to be…

Amazon links:

Wildflower Ranch

Wrangled Into Love

Wildflower Ranch

Charlene and Dan aren’t what the other expected. And, the ranch is anything but a ranch at this point. Will they let disappointment ruin their lives, or can they find a way to make their dreams come true? Will Charlene let herself fall for Dan, or will he reject her for being something other than what he had expected?

Wrangled Into Love

Jacob Steele's dream of becoming a large animal vet is finally coming true and nothing will stop him from getting to the university—but that was before that crazy girl recklessly staggered her way into his life.

Romance is dead to Megan Kelly. That's a problem for her, since her publisher is eagerly awaiting her next New York Times bestselling romance. It's due in days—but she hasn't even started. Ever since Mr. Wrong asked for the ring back, she can't write a word to save her life, let alone her career. Now, to make matters worse, Jake Steele—fake cowboy extraordinaire—is far too charming for his own good and has managed to distract her from writing.

Will Jake put his lifelong dream on the line for a romance writer who doesn't believe in romance?

Where differences and romance wrangle, can love bloom once again on Wildflower Ranch?

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The Saboteur By Susan Page Davis ends January 20th

Please Welcome Susan to my blog. Susan is giving away a copy of her book, The Saboteur. Leave a comment telling Susan why this book sounds good to you for a chance to win. Don't forget to leave your email address. And as always let us know if you are a Feed Burner follower for an extra entry. Good luck!
The Saboteur
By Susan Page Davis

I’ve written a lot of historical novels lately, and several cozy mysteries, but romantic suspense was always a favorite of mine, both for reading and writing. It’s been a few years since I put out a contemporary romantic suspense book, and I decided it was high time. This was so much fun, I hope to be publishing a whole new series in the genre soon.
Here, for your enjoyment, is the first page of The Saboteur:

Debra Griffin turned her face into the breeze as she pumped gas into the tank of her forest green Sentra. Pale green leaves were just unfurling on the big maple tree at the edge of the parking lot. Another fleeting Maine summer was on the way. The sun warmed her skin, and she wrinkled her nose as the gas fumes rose around her.
Behind her, the door to the convenience store closed, and she turned her head slightly. A young man hurried toward the Jeep Cherokee parked on the other side of the pumps. He pulled off a knit cap, and she thought he was overdressed for the warm spring day. His tousled brown hair eclipsed the goatee he was growing. He glanced toward her, and their eyes met for an instant. Debra turned away, not liking his sharp expression.
The Jeep started, and he pulled out of the lot onto the main road through town, driving swiftly away to the south. Massachusetts license plate, Debra noted. That figured. An early tourist. They always thought it was chilly.
She replaced the hose in its niche on the pump. Every week when she was at home, she bought gas at Farnham’s. The small general store had somehow survived on the edge of the city of Rushton, catering to people who had lived in the area for many years. Debra entered the little emporium, which sold everything from stovepipe to cappuccino, and was surprised that Belinda was not behind the counter.
She stood for a moment uncertainly, perusing the displays of small items on the counter. Lollipops, fudge, “penny candy” that sold for a dime, Maine key rings, Slim Jims, and bookmarks. Behind the counter was a lottery ticket dispenser and a rack of cigarette cartons. No other customers were in the store.
Debra turned around and called heartily, “Hey, B’linda! Where are you?”
“Back here!” came her friend’s voice, from the office at the back corner of the store. Debra walked swiftly through the aisles of Band-aids and tube socks.
“It was a guy in a black Jeep,” Belinda said as Debra entered the tiny office.
Belinda put her hand over the telephone receiver. “Sorry, Deb, we’ve been robbed.”

Debra Griffin takes a job at the local police station as secretary to the detective sergeant, Michael Van Sant. Michael is trying to learn who wants to sabotage his unit, and Debra is soon caught up in his hush-hush investigation—while she tries not to fall head over heels for her boss. But danger is nearer than she thinks. When she confronts the saboteur, Mike and his detectives race against the clock. But is one of the men he trusted trying to get Debra out of the way and bring them down?

ABOUT SUSAN: Susan Page Davis is the author of more than 60 novels and novellas in the historical romance, mystery, and suspense genres. She is the mother of six and grandmother of ten. A Maine native, she now lives in western Kentucky with her husband Jim. Visit her website at:
Find Susan at:

Twitter: @SusanPageDavis

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My Enemy, My Heart by Laurie Alice Eakes ends January 16th

Please welcome my good friend a wonderful author, Laurie Alice Eakes. Laurie Alice shares an inspiring post with us this week. Read on down to see how to enter into the giveaway of her new release, My Enemy, My Heart.

In Spite of or Because of?

Often we are told to never give up our dreams. We are told this so often it has become a cliché and therefore rather meaningless, the sort of comment at which we roll our eyes. At the same time, human nature is such we all hope and pray that, if we hold onto our dreams, they will come true in spite of circumstances more than due to whatever we try. In the end, these past ten years in the publishing business have taught me that dreams come true in spite of and because of life circumstances.

Nearly eleven years ago now, my husband was in law school, as well as working. That meant he was gone about sixteen hours a day. Because I had lost my job a few months before, I was alone most of those hours, so I dove into my writing head-first. I had sold one book and rather wanted to sell more. Unfortunately, the muse just wasn’t speaking to me to write what I knew the market wanted. I felt so stressed over this that I decided to write something I wanted to write and not worry about the market. In short, I wanted to regain my love of putting words together to form a story.

That story, something that had rattled around my head for a long time, so long I had done the research and developed the characters, poured from my brain, to my fingertips, and onto the page. I wrote over four hundred pages worth of story in about five weeks. Hey, it was winter in Washington, DC, and I wasn’t working. Not much else to do.
This was the story of an American woman raised aboard a merchantman owned and captained by her father, who ends up a noncombatant prisoner of war during the War of 1812. She is an American in England when the two countries were engaged in hostilities—shooting hostilities. While learning to be a proper English lady, though she failed at becoming a proper American lady, she plots to free her crew, what she views as her family, from an English prisoner of war facility. While she learns of love and the joy of being a true part of a kind, giving family, she must make choices that could destroy everything she has come to hold dear, especially her husband in a marriage that isn’t convenient at all.

But that story sat on my computer until I got a new computer and transferred it to that one, then another new one and then another new one. . . because I had nowhere to market that story. At the same time, I loved it. I didn’t want to let it go. It continued to haunt me until I decided I would indie publish it.

Except I sold it to Waterfall Press, or rather, my agent did.

In November, 2016, I saw a dream come true—that Deirdre’s story, My Enemy, My Heart, was released in not only paperback and digital versions, but also another dream of mine—audio. Not only that, but the sequel, my master’s degree in writing thesis novel, will be published in June of this year.

Despite the publishing world more often than not being capricious and volatile, I sold these two books of my heart. At the same time, if I had not continued to work on them, rewriting them and improving them, my agent never would have found an editor who wanted to buy them, as they would not have been good enough.

Yes, dreams come true, and that does not happen by accident.

My Enemy, My Heart

The sea has always been Deirdre MacKenzie’s home, and the crew of her father’s Baltimore clipper
is the only family she loves. She’s happier wearing breeches and climbing the rigging of the Maid of Alexandria than donning a dress and learning to curtsey. But, when the War of 1812 erupts, the ship is captured by a British privateer . With her father, the captain, dead, Deirdre sees her crew herded into the hold as prisoners-of-war. Their fate is the notorious Dartmoor prison in England. Her fate as a noncombatant prisoner is uncertain, but the one thing she knows—she must find a way to free her crew.

 Kieran  Ashford has caused his family one too many scandals. On his way to exile in America, he is waylaid by the declaration of war and a chance to turn privateer and make his own fortune. But he regrets his actions as soon as the rich prize is secured. Kieran figures his best chance at redeeming himself in the eyes of his family is to offer Deidre the protection of his name in marriage. He has no idea that secrets from his parents’ past and Deirdre’s determination to free her crew are on a disastrous collision course.

 Love and loyalty clash, as Kieran begins to win Deirdre’s heart despite her plot to betray him and his family.  While Kieran works to mend the relationship with his family, he begins to love his bride in spite of what lies between them.

About Laurie Alice Eakes:

“Eakes has a charming way of making her novels come to life without being over the top,” writes Romantic times of bestselling, award-winning author Laurie Alice Eakes. Since she lay in bed as a child telling herself stories, she has fulfilled her dream of becoming a published author, with more than two dozen books in print and several award wins and nominations to her credit, including winning the National Readers Choice Award for Best Regency and being chosen as a 2016 RITA® finalist in the inspirational category.
She has recently relocated to a cold climate because she is weird enough to like snow and icy lake water. When she isn’t basking in the glory of being cold, she likes to read, visit museums, and take long walks, preferably with her husband, though the cats make her feel guilty every time she leaves the house.

You can read more about Eakes and her books, as well as contact her, through her Web Site:

Laurie Alice is giving away a copy of her new release, My Enemy, My Heart. To enter answer the question, Have you ever seen a dream come true because you persevered?   Or ask Laurie Alice a question about her writing or her books. Be sure to leave your email address and don't forget to let me know you are a Feedburner follower for a second entry. And if you share this post let me know and I'll give an extra entry for sharing on FB and/or Twitter.