Monday, March 28, 2022

Hi. Let me introduce myself.

My name is Molly Noble Bull. I am a wife, the mother of three grown sons, the grandmother of six, and a published Christian novelist. Some of my novels won contests for published authors, and I have a Texas cattle ranch background.

So, what am I doing here?

To be honest, I came to tell you about my books, hoping you will not only buy copies and read them but also review my books at Amazon. I have published with Zondervan, Love Inspired, Charisma Media, Barbour Books, and others. Today, my book publisher is Scrivenings Press.

And who deserves the honor and glory for all of this?

The LORD. I asked God the Father to come into my heart and forgive me of all my sins in the name of His only begotten son, Jesus Christ, and He did. Now, God’s Holy Spirit lives in me.


I am also here to tell about my upcoming book, COWBOY COUSINS.

Take a look. KU

Cowboy Cousins is a historical Christian Western novella collection—three novellas set around 1890 by three different authors—Kathi Macias, Kathleen L. Mayer and me, Molly Noble Bull. Cowboy Cousins will be published on March 29, 2022, and will be available in paperback, as a Kindle e-book, and FREE as Kindle Unlimited. You can preorder the Kindle e-book version now for only $3.99, but it will cost $4.99 after publication. And my novella is titled “Lucy and the Lawman.”

Take another look.

Now for my cattle ranch background.

My father and grandfather were Texas cattle ranch foremen—real Texas cowboys. They rode. They roped and branded. They managed the ranch. I spent part of my growing up years on two of those big South Texas ranches. One was sixty thousand acres; the other was thirty thousand acres. But my husband and I lived in the Texas hill country for many years—miles from those ranches in South Texas. And “Lucy and the Lawman” is set in the beautiful Texas hill country.

Here is the cover of WHEN THE COWBOY RIDES AWAY—another of my historical Christian western romances—and a contest winner no less.


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Love to all of you,
Molly Noble Bull

Saturday, March 26, 2022

New Every Morning by Kathi Macias


Please welcome Kathi Macias to my blog. 

Through the Lord’s mercies we are not consumed,
Because His compassions fail not.
They are new every morning …

A Panhandle Sunrise is a story about new beginnings, about a cowboy who finds what he’s been looking for—and a whole lot more. It is also a story about new beginnings for me and my husband, Al.

Al and I graduated high school in 1966 (yes, they had school way back then) and married immediately after (at the ripe old age of eighteen). Al joined the Air Force and went off to Amarillo, Texas, for six weeks of basic training, while I stayed home with my parents and prepared for my new adventure, all the while wondering where the Air Force would send Al after basic. Wherever it was, it would be our home for an indeterminate time.

As it turned out, they kept him at the base in Amarillo, so off I went to join him. I had scarcely heard of Amarillo before, and I certainly knew nothing about the Texas Panhandle, but I soon learned quite a bit because the Air Force reassigned him there for two years. I learned, among other things, that the Panhandle is flat, arid, dusty, and the wind blows nearly all the time—hot in the summer and cold in the winter. I also learned they had some of the most beautiful sunrises and sunsets because, as the old timers in the area were prone to say, “In the Panhandle, y’all can see pert-near forever.”

Aside from memories of the sunrises and sunsets, as well as the birth of our two oldest sons, I hadn’t thought much about our brief stay in the Texas Panhandle—until the opportunity to be part of this novella collection came along. Although I’ve written/published more than fifty books over the years, I’ve never written anything close to a cowboy story and most likely would have turned down the offer—until I discovered it would be set in Texas. Immediately my memories of Amarillo came to mind, and I found myself getting excited about the possibilities. Could I come up with a story about cowboys in the Panhandle—more than 100 years ago? There was only one way to find out.

I started praying and brainstorming and talking to my husband about what he remembered most about our time in the Texas Panhandle. Although his memories included time at the Air Force base, he also remembered the sunrises and sunsets. Since that theme seemed to be uppermost in both of our memories, I decided to run with it. Hence, A Panhandle Sunrise.

The story, of course, is nothing like my own. The main character is a handsome young cowboy named Jake Matthews who has just been appointed foreman on a large cattle ranch near Amarillo. It doesn’t take him long to notice the ranch owner’s beautiful daughter, Anabelle, but every time he’s near her, he gets tongue-tied and can’t think of anything intelligent to say. He convinces himself he has no chance with her—and then another handsome young cowboy shows up on the scene and unashamedly pursues Anabelle. Now Jake is more convinced than ever that he has no chance with the lovely Miss Anabelle and very nearly quits his job to head back to his folks’ farm in Juniper, Texas. Then one day a near tragedy hits the ranch, everything changes, and Jake finds new promise in a glorious Panhandle sunrise.

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Kathi Macias (; Kathi Macias, personal, and Kathi Macias, author, on Facebook) is the bestselling author of more than 50 books, including the 2011 Golden Scroll Novel of the Year, Red Ink. A wife, mother, grandmother, and great-grandmother, Kathi lives with her husband, Al, in Homeland, CA.

Wednesday, March 23, 2022

Saddle Up! By Kathleen L. Maher


Please welcome one of my best friends and Critique Partner, Kathleen L. Maher. I am so blessed that God choose to bring this special lady into my life. We met as perspective crit partners, but God knew how she would bless me in so many more ways. Her eye for story is amazing and you are going to love her new cowboy novella!

Saddle up, and clap on your Stetson. This week will be a wild ride into the sweeping romance of the Old West, as the brand-new novella collection Cowboy Cousins thunders from the pages of Scrivenings Press and into your heart.

This is Kathleen L. Maher, and I am so pleased and grateful that our gracious hostess Debbie Lynne has invited me back! I can’t tell you how excited I am to introduce my newest book baby, “The Meddlesome Maverick”, one of three novellas in the collection. I was invited to contribute a story to this 1890’s series by the lovely and talented, award-winning veteran author Molly Noble Bull, along with Kathi Macias, a name that needs no introduction in Christian fiction for her prolific writing and editorial skills. Each of these ladies will be offering a peak into their novellas and personal stories, so be sure to return for the full week of fun, prizes, and a rousing gallop of romantic adventure.

For me, the wide skies of Nebraska were a pleasant departure from the smoke-hazed world of battlefields in Virginia, as I left the Civil War in the distance and found prairie dust and cattle wrangling a breath of fresh air. My heroine, Sadie Mitchell, took over my writing process, with her telling me her story right out of the chute. I felt like I was trying to keep up, like a greenhorn holding the lead rope of wild mustang—clinging for dear life.

Sadie is a girl you might call headstrong. But an Irish widow, “Cookie” Garrity, keeps her in check with a dose of matronly wisdom and a tenacity that dogs Sadie’s tromping boots, stride for stride. When Sadie meets the tall, lean and chiseled Boyd Hastings, she discovers perhaps there’s a lovely rosebud inside her after all, just waiting to blossom.

Boyd welcomes friendship with the na├»ve tom-boy, enjoying her unassuming ways after a calculating social butterfly has created scandal with a false accusation regarding him. He has fled his home in Juniper, Texas to start a new life, and perhaps find a venue for his banjo music. But peace eludes him until his name is cleared. Perhaps he should have allowed the false woman to put one over on him for the good he might have done for the child involved. Sadie’s carefree ways are a balm to his vexed soul, and she helps him to see that freedom is not a selfish notion, and passion is not wrong in the right context.

But intrigue and sabotage fueled by jealousy may prove more than Boyd can overcome in his new position on the ranch. A diverse array of characters keeps the reader guessing, and mishaps may prove either disastrous or the stroke of Providence. Faith and human kindness might prevail, if selfish ambition and pride don’t destroy all hope first.

I do hope you will read Sadie and Boyd’s story to see if they find their happily ever after. Soon, you will read about the other two cowboy cousins, and the women who have lassoed their hearts.

Kathleen L. Maher
writes stories where every underdog has his day. Her first literary crush was Peter Rabbit, and she's loved conflicted heroes ever since. She has two novellas in BARBOUR BOOKS' collections: Victorian Christmas Brides and Lessons on Love. Winner ACFW Genesis Award. Author of Sons of the Shenandoah Series: The Abolitionist's Daughter, The Chaplain's Daughter, and No Man’s Daughter. “The Meddlesome Maverick” releases with the Scrivenings Press collection Cowboy Cousins in Spring 2022. Kathleen and her husband live in an old farmhouse in upstate New York with their children and a small zoo.

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