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Choice of Louise Gouge's books ends August 4th #bookgiveaway

Please welcome a dear friend and wonderful writer, Louise Gouge. Ask Louise a question to be entered into the drawing. She is giving away a copy of her new release or a copy of one of her other books. Don't forget to leave your email address so we can contact you if you win. And let me know if you are a feedburner follower for an extra entry. For those of you who are new to my blog if you follow The Sword and the Spirit via feedburner (they will send you a message through your email every time I have a new post up. Usually once a week) if you let me know when you leave a comment I will give you an extra entry. Just remember to let me know.

Thank you for inviting me to your blog, Debbie Lynne. Today I wanted to tell everyone about an exciting new adventure I’ve been enjoying for the past year: I’ve officially become a hybrid author! That means I’m still publishing with Harlequin’s wonderful Love Inspired Historical imprint, AND I’m also independently publishing my out-of-print books for Kindle and NOOK, and through Smashwords, all at great low prices.

I’ve had such a good response to those older titles that I decided to “indie” publish some of my previously unpublished works. The first one
, Escape from Kikwitbased on my daughter’s missionary adventures in Zaire, was released last year. This summer I have Daughter of Destiny, a historical missionary adventure, available for purchase in all formats.

This is an exciting time for authors because we all have manuscripts stashed in our closets (these days, I guess that would be virtual closets, i.e., our computers!) that traditional publishers have rejected for one reason of another. Rejection doesn’t mean the stories aren’t as good as our published works. Maybe the timing or setting wasn’t right, or it’s in a different genre from what our readers expect from us. But those stories beg to be published, to be given a chance to find readers who will enjoy these adventures with us.

And after all, a writer’s focus should be her readers and what they’re interested in. When readers ask for more that is offered by traditional publishers, why not give them other stories?

So today, let me tell you about
Daughter of DestinyEditors tell us that missionary stories don’t sell well, but what about James Michener’s Hawaii, a huge bestseller that was made into several movies to span the generations? Michener didn’t have good things to say about missionaries, but I personally know many pure-hearted missionaries who have dedicated their lives to serving God and loving the people to whom they minister. My novella (short novel) is a tribute to those who took the Word of God to the distant South Seas to bring the beautiful island people to Jesus Christ. Let’s prove those editors wrong!

Daughter of Destiny is set in 1822. Jonah Adams plans to be a missionary on the island of Fénua in the South Pacific, but when the woman he loves rejects his proposal, he impulsively asks his mother’s young companion to be his bride. Leah Smith knows she is Jonah’s second choice, but she loves both him and the people of Fénua, the island of her birth. First separated by miscommunication and then by disaster, both Jonah and Leah seek to find God’s will for their lives in fierce, unforgiving worlds.

My next Love Inspired Historical,
Cowboy to the Rescue,
will be released in September 2014. It’s my first western! And it will be available in both print and e-book.

Each of these books can be found by clicking on the titles. Please check them out! I’ll be giving away one title to the lucky winner of our drawing. Leave a comment or question below to be entered. You must be a resident of the U. S. or Canada OR be able to receive a Kindle copy of the book of your choice.
Daughter of Destiny is offered only in e-book format. Cowboy to the Rescue
is offered in either e-book or print.

I love hearing from my readers, but I’m a bit slow to jump into Facebook, Twitter, and the myriad other social media. Please visit my website at

More about Louise:
Award-winning Florida author Louise M. Gouge writes historical fiction for Harlequin's Love Inspired imprint. In addition to numerous other awards, Louise is the recipient of the prestigious Inspirational Readers’ Choice Award for her 2005 historical novel, Hannah Rose and her 2011 Regency novella, The Gentleman Takes a Bride.

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Love Finds Faith by Martha Rogers ends 7/28 #bookgiveaway

Martha is giveaway a copy of her new release Love Finds Faith. Ask Martha a question to be entered to win.

The character of Hannah Grace Dyer is loosely based on my great-grandmother’s younger sister. She didn’t have a birth defect, but I gave her one to give an added dimension to her character. I hope you enjoy getting to know Hannah Grace.

Interview with Hannah Grace Dyer:

1. How would you describe yourself to others, Hannah Grace? Well, my hair has enough red in it for me to admit I do have the temperament most often associated with those of that hair color. I also have a handicap in that one of my legs is three inches shorter than the other one.

2. How do you want others to see you? As a loving and caring nurse who doesn’t let her handicap keep her from doing her job.

3. What is the most interesting thing about you? I am a gifted pianist as well as a nurse. I’ve been playing the piano since I was a young girl in Louisiana.

4. What things are of most importance to you? God is the most important thing in my life with my family next.

5. What type of man do you want to marry, or do you want to marry at all? Oh, yes, I would love to marry and have a family someday, but because of my handicap, most men turn away in pity. The man I marry must accept me for myself, handicap, temper and all. He must also be a strong Christian, and a man who has goals in life.

6. Have you met a man with those characteristics? Not really. I do care a lot for Micah Gordon. He’s as handsome as they come, but he’s also stubborn as a mule. Right now God isn’t much of a part of his life, but with the way things are going in his life, that’s bound to change.

7. How do face disappointments in your life? With prayer and sometimes a lot of crying and stomping my foot in anger.

8. What type of things do you like to do for fun or entertainment? Play the piano, attend church activities, and do things with my nieces and nephews.

9. Do you have any hobbies or special skills? I already mentioned the piano, but I also like to write. The ability to take care of patients with all types of illnesses and ailments also takes a special skill, and I like to believe I have them.

10. What is your main goal in life? What do you hope to accomplish? My main goal in life is to be the person God wants me to be, and the best nurse my brother-in-law could have. God gave me this handicap for a reason, and I’m still waiting for Him to show me what else He wants me to do with my life.

More about Martha:

Martha Rogers is a free-lance writer and the author of the Winds Across the Prairie and Seasons of the Heart series as well as the novella, Key to Her Heart in River Walk Christmas and Not on the Menu in Sugar and Grits. Love Stays True and Love Finds Faith, the first and second books in her third series, The Homeward Journey, are now available. She was named Writer of the Year at the Texas Christian Writers Conference in 2009 and is a member of ACFW and writes the weekly Verse of the Week for the ACFW Loop. In addition to fiction, Martha has contributed to compilations by Wayne Holmes, Debra White-Smith and Karen O’ Connor as well as various devotion books. Martha is a frequent speaker for writing workshops and the Texas Christian Writers Conference. She is a retired teacher and lives in Houston with her husband, Rex. Their favorite pastime is spending time with their nine grandchildren and three great-grandchildren. 

Hannah Dyer has just moved to Texas to help her brother-in-law in his medical practice. Despite her handicap of having one leg much shorter than the other, she is a great nurse whose skills help make the practice the most successful in the area.

When Micah Gordon returns home after some shady escapades, his father hopes he will settle down to ranch life. Hannah is smitten by his good looks and roguish ways, but because of her leg, she has no hopes of attracting his attention.

After Micah suffers a tragic loss, he loses his faith and almost loses his ranch. Can Hannah’s care and staunch faith help him on the road to recovery with a new hope, new faith, and a new love?

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Call of the Prairie AND Song of the Prairie by Vickie McDonough ends July 21th #bookgiveaway

Please welcome my good friend and fellow blogger, Vickie McDonough. Vickie is giving away a copy of Call of the Prairie AND a copy of Song of the Prairie. Leave a comment to be entered. Don't forget leave your email address and let me know if you are a feedburner follower for an extra entry.

Where are you right now (LVR, DR, Bathroom) and what are you wearing? You have to tell the truth.

I’m sitting in my recliner in my living room working on my laptop, and I’m still wearing my pajamas. J

What is something that very few people know about you?

When I was fourteen, I bought a Honda motorcycle with money I’d made babysitting. I was chaffing to be mobile and didn’t want to wait until I was old enough to drive a car.

What is your favorite material item that you own (examples: ipod, Gone with the Wind book, grandmother’s rocking chair)
Hmm…that’s a hard question. I have a roll-top desk that my dad bought that’s pretty special, and I have a couple of quilts that my grandma and great-grandma made. The pictures of my boys when they were small are also precious to me.

What is the biggest secret you ever kept (of course it can’t be a secret anymore)?

When I was pregnant with my fourth child, I didn’t tell anyone for a long time. Money was very tight, and my parents had helped us some, and I hated telling them we were having another child. I was six months pregnant before anyone other than my husband knew. Now my baby is in grad school, studying engineering.

What is the funniest, strangest, or most interesting thing you have learned when doing research?

I didn’t actually discover this myself, but it was an article on the Christian Fiction Historical Society’s blog. The topic was “mailing babies.” There was a brief time in history when it was legal to mail a child. As horrifying as it sounds, some people actually did it. I’m shaking my head and wondering what they were thinking.

What is the craziest thing you’ve ever done?
I’m not sure this counts as crazy, but my husband and I lived on a kibbutz in Israel for a year, right after we were married. We had sold our car, moved out of our apartment, and were staying with my parents for the last few days before we went overseas, and we saw on TV that the bus station in Jerusalem had been bombed. As scary as that was, I still had peace that we were to go and that God would protect us—and He did.

Vickie is giving away a copy of
Call of the Prairie, book 2  and a copy of Song of the Prairie, book 3 in her Pioneer Promises series. Be sure to leave a comment and your email addy and let me know if you're a feedburner follower for an extra entry.

Sophie Davenport fears life is passing her by. Her strict, overprotective parents have kept her close to home because of the severe asthma attacks she sometimes endures. She longs to live a normal life and hopes to marry, but that dream seems impossible. When her aunt has a tragic accident and requests someone come to Kansas to help her, no one is available except Sophie. Her father, tied up with business, reluctantly agrees to let her go. Sophie is ecstatic and sees this trip as her one chance to prove to her parents—and herself—that she’s capable of living on her own. But things in the small town of Windmill are not as her aunt portrayed. And her aunt’s handsome neighbor, Josh Harper, guardian of two of the children her aunt cares for after school, obviously doubts her abilities. Will the Kansas dust, the drama, and difficulties prove too much for Sophie? Or will she lose her heart to her neighbor and succumb to the call of the prairie?

Janie Dunn's life changes when, at the request of her dying cousin, she flees with her cousin's newborn son to protect him from his abusive father. She moves to Kansas, but things take a dire change when her brother is killed. Is a marriage of convenience to kindhearted Aaron Harper the answer to her problems? Is Kansas far enough away from New York that they are safe from the baby's father?


Vickie McDonough grew up wanting to marry a rancher, but instead, she married a computer geek who is scared of horses. She now lives out her dreams in her fictional stories about ranchers, cowboys, lawmen and others living in the West during the 1800s. Vickie is the award-winning author of 29 published books and novellas. Her books include the fun and feisty Texas Boardinghouse Brides series, and End of the Trail, which was the OWFI 2013 Best Fiction Novel winner. Whispers on the Prairie, which released last July, was chosen by Romantic Times as one of their Recommended Inspirational Books for July.

Vickie is a wife of thirty-eight years, mother of four grown sons, one daughter-in-law, and grandma to a feisty seven-year-old girl. When she’s not writing, Vickie enjoys reading, antiquing, watching movies, and traveling. To learn more about Vickie’s books or to sign up for her newsletter, visit her website and sign-up for her newsletter:
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