Sunday, January 17, 2010

Day in the Life of a Sailor

The Men in my life

Do you ever ask yourself where in the world does the time go? I'm finally back after a rather long vacation from posting. I am happy to announce Joshua is home from his 7 month deployment.

and the boys and I drove to Norfolk, Virgina on December 6th where we were loaded onto a bus and driven down to Camp Le.jeune, NC where we were put on LCAC's (take a peek at one) and taken out to the USS Bataan where we were unloaded and able to see our son, Joshua after 7 very long months. Here were are getting ready to board the LCAC. These are the same hovercrafts that bring our marines back and forth from land to ship.

Joshua took us to where we would be slee
ping for the next 2 nights. I have a whole new respect for sailors! Their sleeping quarters are bunks four high and if you are a man with wide shoulders you may touch the top bunk when you roll over. You have storage under your bunk about 8 inches deep and the length and width of the bunk and that is where EVERYTHING you own has to fit. We were able to spend the three days with Josh and see what he does on a daily bases.

While we were out to sea they refueled the Bataan and we got to what this ship connect with ours and refuel. The ship also need supplies and we were able to watch the helicopter pilots, and flight deck personal move massive amounts of cargo from one ship to another. Some crates were moved by cables connected between the two ships. What a massive operation. We really take too much for granted with our military.

We each got to shoot a 50 cal machine gun. The guys loved that!

These last pictures are a sight to see from on th
e ship or on the shore for I have seen it from both views and it makes me proud of these men and women who are our military. When the ships come to port or leave port the sailors line the ship deck and upper deck and stand at attention. The pictures can never due this justice but here are few views.

I Love My Sailor!

As I get ready to post this blog, my heart goes out to Haiti and its people. Joshua has been called back to the ship and they are now headed to Haiti, if not already there. Please keep our military in your prayers as well as the Haitian people.


  1. what a wonderful post. Thanks for this up-close and personal view of our navy heroes and how they live and serve. God bless Josh and his fellow crewmen as they help the least of these in Haiti. May the Lord preserve them and use them mightily!

  2. Thank you ladies. I really appreciate the prayers as I am sure do all the sailors and marines!

  3. Thanks for the pics into the life of a sailor. And I will be praying for your Josh's safety as well as his crewmates.