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Lamp unto Her Feet by Paula Mowlery ends 9/25

Please welcome Paula Mowery to my blog this week. Paula is giving away an ebook copy of her book. Be sure to leave a comment and answer one of her questions.

My paternal grandmother’s Bible was given to me several years after she passed away. One day I was flipping through it and found passages underlined in First John. As I read through the verses, my arms crawled with goose bumps. Basically it was the answer to why I write Christian fiction.

Later I began to notice many other verses and passages highlighted or underlined. That’s when I started imagining a story in which a young woman gains her grandmother’s Bible after her death. Upon perusing the Bible, the woman realizes that her grandmother had highlighted and commented on certain passages and then numbered them for her granddaughter to follow. Upon further “what if” journeys in my mind, I imagined the verses guiding the woman’s life specifically, almost eerily.

I’m hoping readers will discover as Kenzie and I did that God’s Word can be trusted and will guide lives.

How about you? How has the Bible proved itself in your life? What passages have spoken into your life recently? 

Kenzie Murrah has lost the guiding voice of her Nana Nita just when she needs it most. She’s graduating mid-year with her early childhood degree, but her parents expect her to join the family chiropractic business. In her Bible, Nana explains how God’s Word can guide Kenzie, but there’s doubt on Kenzie’s part, until the highlighted verses begin to follow her life much too closely.

Trevor Wallen escaped an embarrassing and reputation smearing incident to become a police officer in the small Tennessee town. He strives to do his best to follow Christian principles but longs for God to bring someone into his life with those same morals and values.
Kenzie and Trevor share an attraction for one another that grows into more until a tragedy threatens to end everything. Kenzie begins to shy away from reading the next scripture passage, for fear of what may happen.
Will Kenzie learn she can trust God’s Word? Will Kenzie and Trevor get the chance for a happily ever after despite the dangers of his occupation? 

About Paula:

Paula is a pastor’s wife, mom to a college student, author, acquiring editor, and speaker. No matter the hat she wears, she strives to honor God’s plan even if it means going out on a limb and leaving comfort zones. Reviewers have characterized her writing as “thundering with emotion.” Her book, Be The Blessing, won the 2014 Selah Award in the novella category. Paula enjoys reading and reviewing Christian fiction, writing Christian romance and devotionals, and helping other authors realize their dream of publication.  

Learn more about Paula and find other places to link with her on her blog at

Monday, September 11, 2017

Remembering a Special Lady PLUS choice of my books ends 9/17

Due to the hurricane my scheduled guest has been unavailable. So I thought I post one of my first posts. 

In remembrance on the anniversary of my grandmother going home to be with the Lord (9/20/13), I thought I'd repost a post from 2009 when she came to stay with me for a few days. She was an amazing woman who had so much love for her family, so much energy, and never missed an opportunity to help out. She was a beautiful person inside and out. She is greatly missed. 

In honor of her life, I'm giving away choice of one of my books in choice of format. Read below to find out how to enter.

My grandmother, Delitha, is staying with me for the next ten days. She was born in 1917 and is a wealth of information. We sat out on my front porch swing yesterday and talked about some of her life as a young child.

She was a little over a year old when the flu epidemic of 1918 hit. Her mother, Basha Bay, died in that epidemic and seven days later her aunt, Icey May died. My great-grandmother said my grandmother wasn't feeling well the day of her mothers funeral and they feared my grandmother was coming down with the flu. However, if she had the flu it was a mild case. The epidemic left her motherless and fatherless so her grandmother, who wasn't a well woman took her in.

I asked her what her earliest memories were, and I have to say it's funny what the mind remembers. She remembers at age four going to her aunt Pearl's house and eating beef steak and thinking it tasted better than anything in the world. Her other memory at age four was of her grandmother's cook stove. It was a cast iron type where you put the wood and paper inside to get a fire going to heat the four burners on top. She said they had a small hole next to the burner to stick something in and be able to pull up the burner. She remembers her grandmother sticking her finger in the hole and flipping the burner so fast she didn't get burned.

Grandma at age five was given a cotton sack that hung across her shoulder and back to take out to her uncle's cotton field in Missouri and help pick cotton. She said she remembers it being so hot and at the end of the day they weighed her cotton and paid her ten cents, and she thought that dime was wonderful.

She told me she grew up in an age when horse and buggies were going out but some of her family still had them. And she was fortunate to be born when life was starting to get easier. But as I listen to the tales of walking down the street after dark at nine years old to get a bucket of coal to help heat a house I can't help to think how much we take for granted and our children even more so.

Holding her great-great grandson

A child was expected to work in their youth. So many parents today think that if their children pick up their own toys they've done a great days work. Chores are fast becoming a thing of the past. Allowances are earned for nothing more than being their child. But are we really doing our children a favor? When I see what kind of woman my grandmother turned out to be I can't help but wonder how her childhood helped her become the lady she is today.

Until last year when she had a stroke she was a busy woman. She retired form GM at sixty five. Went back to work once more, this time for a real estate, where she worked for several more years. Retired for a year, got bored and went to work in retail until she was eighty five years old. But don't think she sat around after that. If one of her grandchildren had a project going, be it painting, gardening, lawn work, canning, yard sales, etc. you could bet she'd be there helping. She is a woman who wasn't afraid of work and a woman I am proud to call grandma.

How about you? Is there a special someone in your life that touched you in such away that your life will never be the same? Is that person still with you?

Answer the question above for a chance to win choice copy of one of my books in choice of format. Don't forget to leave your email address and let me know if you are a feedburner follower for another entry.

Penelope Beatty made up her mind long ago she would live and die a Scottish warrior not a wife. But when nearly all her clan is killed and she is betrayed, she loathes doing the unthinkable, but must seek the help of an Englishman who owed her father’s his life.

Thomas Godfrey never married, but when a Scottish warrior lass shows up needing his aid, he finds her both annoying and irresistible. But the last thing he wants is to marry a woman who fights alongside him. If he was going to marry—which he isn’t—it would be to a soft, submissive woman. But when the Lady Brithwin meets the Scottish lass, she’s sure she’s found the perfect match for Thomas and nothing is going to stop her from seeing a summer wedding. 


After the death of her cruel father, Brithwin is determined never again to live under the harsh rule of any man. Independent and resourceful, she longs to be left alone to manage her father’s estate. But she soon discovers a woman has few choices when the king decrees she is to marry Royce, the Lord of Rosencraig. As if the unwelcome marriage isn’t enough, her new husband accuses her of murdering his family, and she is faced with a challenge of either proving her innocence or facing possible execution.
Royce of Hawkwood returns home after setting down a rebellion to find his family brutally murdered. When all fingers point to his betrothed and attempts are made on his life, Royce must wade through murky waters to uncover the truth. Yet Brithwin’s wise and kind nature begin to break down the walls of his heart, and he soon finds himself in a race to discover who is behind the evil plot before Brithwin is the next victim.

The Charleston earthquake has left destruction like nothing Doctor Andrew Warwick has ever seen. On a desperate mission to find the lady who owns his heart, he frantically searches through the rubble, where he finds her injured and lifeless. After she regains consciousness, the doctor’s hopes are quickly dashed as he realizes she doesn’t remember him. Things only get worse when he discovers she believes she’s still engaged to the abusive scoundrel, Lloyd Pratt. Now Drew is on a race with the wedding clock to either help her remember or win her heart again before she marries the wrong man.

Waking in a makeshift hospital, Olivia Macqueen finds herself recovering from a head injury. With amnesia stealing a year of her memories, she has trouble discerning between lies and truth. When her memories start returning in bits and pieces, she must keep up the charade of amnesia until she can find out the truth behind the embezzlement of her family’s business while evading the danger lurking around her.

Debbie Lynne Costello has enjoyed writing stories

since she was eight years old. She raised her family and then embarked on her own career of writing the stories that had been begging to be told. She and her husband have four children and live in upstate South Carolina. She has worked in many capacities in her church and is currently the Children's Director. Debbie Lynne has shown and raised Shetland Sheepdogs for eighteen years and still enjoys litters now and then. In their spare time, she and her husband take pleasure in camping and riding their Arabian and Tennessee Walking horses.

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An Anchor On Her Heart by Patricia Lee ends September 11

Please welcome Patricia Lee to my blog this week. Patricia is giving away a copy of her new release so be sure to read on down to find out how to be entered.

 As a debut author, I was asked many times over the course of several months what my story was about.  I had no real answer for the queries. I knew the storyline, but that is only a superficial mechanism to reveal what lies within the pages. How do you explain the devotion of a woman who has every right, in the world’s eyes, to detach herself from her husband?  Who feels the pain of abandonment acutely, but because she is a Christian determines to remain faithful to her marriage vows? Her heart is torn, but she has to do what she believes is right.
Galatians 6:9: “Let us not become weary in doing good, for at the proper time we will reap a harvest if we do not give up.”
Nor does my hero abandon his beliefs. He considers marriage a sacred institution created by God. When he learns that the heroine—the attractive heroine— is married, he confronts her, telling her that any help he offers is done in the realm of friendship. He wants to help, but as the outsider, the unmarried male, he must be careful of his behavior. In our world so many men would take advantage of  the heroine’s situation. The hero becomes an almost unbelievable model for God’s design of noble character.
Psalm 119:9-10 “How can a young man keep his way pure? By keeping it according to Your word.  With all my heart I have sought You; Do not let me wander from your commandments.”
Add a disabled child to the mix. She is the innocent, the one over which the marriage partners are in disagreement. She makes parenting a monumental task, a job that comes with no training manual.  As the mother of an adult autistic daughter, I understand the trials the married couple will face as they rear their child.
When my daughter was first diagnosed, autism was not the household word it is now. Books on the disorder were vastly out of date and authors still blamed the mother. For someone struggling to understand her child, those books were a slap in the face.
Today the autism spectrum is much more far-reaching and advances have been made in therapy. Many of the scenes in the story come from journals I kept while my husband and I reared our daughter.  Other parents of autistics will have different stories to tell. Autism awareness has become a watchword, but many still don’t understand its cause or it long-reaching effects.
God says, in John 16:33 “I have told you these things, so that in me you may have peace. In this world you will have trouble. But take heart! I have overcome the world.”
Both characters must stay strong, despite overwhelming obstacles standing in their way. As the drama unfolds, readers will find themselves rooting for these two to remain upright in a storm of major proportions.  What happens will tear at heartstrings and usher in tears. May they be tears of joy.

1. How do you respond when you are faced with a moral dilemma that puts you at odds with the views of the rest of the world?
2. There are those who say men and women cannot be friends outside of their marriages. Do you believe a man and a woman can be friends and not be romantically involved?  Women: Have you ever wished for the input of a man’s insights when you are trying to work through problems?  Men: Have you ever found yourself in the position of offering help to a woman who is married to another? 
3. Has your family  or do you know a family impacted by the effects of autism?

Answer one of the questions about (or all of them!) to be entered in the giveaway for an e-book  An Anchor On Her Heart. Don't forget to leave your email address and if you are a feedburner follower (or would like to be and sign up) let me know for an extra entry. 

Patricia Lee wrote her first short story at the age of six. She remembers little of the plotline, but her teacher’s excitement stayed with her. “Putting words on paper obviously made people happy,” Pat remembers. “And I liked the way writing made me feel.”

From there her journey of words took her through a stint as a high school columnist and on to the University of Oregon where she majored in magazine article writing and advertising. She sold to major publications like Moody Monthly, Power for Living and Expecting before raising her family. After homeschooling her children, Pat returned to writing and pursuing her dream of penning the perfect novel.

Pat has recently written for Focus on the Family’s Clubhouse magazine and has a debut novel, An Anchor on her Heart, releasing September 1, 2017 from Mountain Brook Ink Publishers. A second novel in the series, Love Calls Her Home, is scheduled for release March 1, 2018. .She lives in Oregon witlh her husband of forty-twp years, four cats, and a yard full of squirrels and flowers.

Facebook: Author Patricia Lee
Twitter:  @lee_patricia__
Giveaway: A copy of the novel, An Anchor On Her Heart