Monday, December 3, 2018

Love Blooms at Christmas by Martha Rogers ends December 10th

Family Christmas Traditions

Most families have traditions handed down through the years at Christmas time. Ours is no different although some have dwindled because of our growing family and being scattered over the country.

One we still hold to doing is attending our church’s Christmas Eve Candlelight service. From the time our youngest son was two years old and the services begun at our church, we haven’t missed going. Sometimes it’s with the whole family, sometimes it’s only my husband and I who attend because the others are all across the country or have responsibilities at their own churches. This year we will attend with our middle son and his family and have Christmas together the next day.

My step-mother began a tradition when the first great-grandchildren came along. She made stockings for each grandchild and great-grandchild with their names on them. The stockings were then filled with trinkets and candy. We loved the surprises she put into each one. She passed away in 1996, and the stockings were passed on to me as the oldest. I still have them and still use them today for our family with new ones added for my great-grandchildren. My sister took the ones for her family and now does the same for them.

Because middle son was born on December 10, we began buying and decorating our tree on his birthday. We did that until he went off to college and wasn’t home until after his birthday. Now I begin decorating it the week after Thanksgiving. Here is a picture of our tree last year.

Every year since 1971, I have been a part of our church’s Christmas production that has been copied all over the country. Our choir and volunteers from our membership present a program consisting of two acts with the first act being a secular Christmas program with songs and characters of the season. The second act is the Christmas story beginning with prophecies from the Old Testament and ending with the resurrection of Jesus and ascension. This year because of health issues, I will not be able to participate. It was one of the most difficult decisions I’ve ever made, but listened to my body and to the Lord.

One other tradition I have with my friends. Every year for the past twenty years I give a Christmas luncheon for twenty or so friends. We’ve been exchanging ornaments in a fun-filled drawing of numbers and choosing our gifts then “stealing” one if someone has one we like better. Because most of us are now in our seventies and eighties, we decided last year we didn’t need more ornaments and collected toys for a toy drive instead. Here are a few pictures from the past. Here is a picture of one of the tables I set for the luncheon. 

My Christmas release, Love Blooms at Christmas year includes a pageant put on by the children of the orphanage in the town. I used it as a way to bring my hero and heroine closer together as they worked with the children. The hero is a Bible professor at the Bible college in town, and he makes sure the whole presentation is Biblically correct including having the Magi come when Jesus is closer to two years old. It’s a part of a larger collection titled Small Town Christmas: Historical.

I am giving away a copy of the novella either as a paperback or an e-book to a commenter to be selected by Debbie. Answer the question, make a comment and please leave your email address to be entered in the drawing. The link for the book is:

QUESTION: Does your family have Christmas traditions? If so, share one with us.

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