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Cheyenne Sunrise by Janalyn Voigt Blog Tour!

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When You Can’t See the Light at the End of the Tunnel
By Janalyn Voigt

I’d like to believe that someone, somewhere has lived an idyllic life. I am not that person. Circumstances and my own choices took me through a tunnel so dark I couldn’t see the light at its end. I emerged, thankful to have survived but wondering why God had seemed absent in my darkest moments. Have you ever felt that God cared about everyone but you?

Faith doesn’t always come easy.

My struggle to believe in God’s goodness despite hardship inspired my depiction of Bryanna Brennon, the heroine of Cheyenne Sunrise. A young Irish widow ready to start anew on her brother’s ranch in Montana Territory, Bry isn’t sure what she believes about God anymore. She has little grief for the husband who punished her imagined offenses with his fists, but the deaths of her mother and young brother on the journey from Ireland haunts her.

Why does God allow the innocent to suffer?

Amid the difficulties her wagon train encounters, Bry finds reasons to repeat her question. She comes to rely upon her friend Maisey’s strong faith, but can summon little of her own. Shane, her preacher cousin and the hero of Hills of Nevermore (Montana Gold, book 1), provides the Biblical answer she’s been seeking.

Sometimes we blame God for circumstances that were none of His doing. God is all-powerful, but we have free will and a part to play in what happens to us. Turning away from God when things go wrong separates us from our source of comfort. There’s nothing worse than feeling out of sorts with God, unless it’s simultaneously enduring a loss.

Another of Bry’s dilemmas came straight from her author’s life. I had been a single mom for several years when I received a marriage proposal. Deciding whether to risk loving again was not an easy prospect. It required me to let go of the security I had built for myself.

Bry has similar concerns after meeting Nick Laramie, the wagon train’s half-Cheyenne trail guide. Her attraction to him startles and dismays her. She would much rather protect her heart than give it away.
I accepted my sweet husband’s proposal and am now living proof that: “God sets the lonely in families” (Psalm 68:6; WEB). Loving again after heartbreak takes the courage to trust what the Bible says about God’s goodness.  “O give thanks unto the LORD; for he is good: for his mercy endureth for ever” (Psalm 136:1; KJV). Allowing ourselves to hope in God fleshes out our faith. “Faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen” (Hebrews 11:1; KJV). 

Sometimes you can’t see the light at the end of the tunnel, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t there.

To be entered to win a signed copy of Hills of Nevermore (Montana Gold 1) answer this question and don't forget to leave your email addy. How does trusting in God’s goodness change a person?

Hills of Nevermore (Montana Gold 1)
America Liberty Reed is a young widow who can’t believe God will forgive her secret sins. In fact, she thinks He’s out to punish her. America hopes to redeem herself by creating a good life for her infant daughter. Enter Shane Hayes, a blue-eyed circuit preacher who makes it his mission to keep America safe at a time when the West was wildest. Shane’s refusal to use violence to protect himself or anyone else creates problems for him. Both must learn what it means to fully trust God. 

Cheyenne Sunrise (Montana Gold 2)
Romantic Times: "Janalyn Voigt is a talented writer and brings to life the long-ago wild west with vivid descriptions of the landscape."

Young Irish widow Bry Brennan doesn’t want another husband to break her spirit. She ignores her fascination with Nick Laramie, her wagon train's handsome trail guide. Nick lives in an uneasy truce between the settlers and his mother’s tribe without fully fitting in among either. With no intention of dragging a woman into his troubles, he stifles his yearning for Bry.

The perilous journey throws the two together, leaving Bry no choice but to trust Nick with her life. Can she also trust him with her heart? Purchase Cheyenne Sunrise

About Janalyn Voigt
Janalyn's father instilled a love of literature in her at an early age by reading chapters from classics as bedtime stories. When Janalyn grew older, and he stopped reading to her, she put herself to sleep with tales "written" in her head.
Today Janalyn is a storyteller who writes in multiple genres. The same elements--romance, mystery, adventure, history, and whimsy--appear in all her novels in proportions dictated by their genre.

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  1. Trusting God's goodness can bring you peace. You understand more about why we are here and what life means. Your faith is strengthened by his goodness. Thanks for the giveaway and good luck everyone.


    1. Isn't it interesting that when we let go of the need to know why something has happened, we better understand the different 'why' that you mentioned? Thanks for sharing your perspective, Debbie.

  2. Thanks for sharing your readers with me today, Debbie. It's always a joy to visit your blog.

  3. Trusting God's goodness means that we should not worry because everything will work out for our best. I need to be reminded of this today! jarning67(at)hotmail(dot)com

    1. The Bible contains a ton of 'fear not' passages. Worry besets us all, I suspect. I'm glad you found the encouragement you needed.

  4. Trusting God's goodness has helped me look past the difficult circumstances I have found myself in due to the pain others have caused me.


    1. God hates sin so much because innocent people are among those who pay for it, but God binds up the broken-hearted, and He sets the lonely in families.

  5. trusting in God's goodness takes the weight off the person trying to solve things on their own in their own power.