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Secrets and Wishes by Kathleen Rouser ends October 9th

Please welcome Kathleen Rouser to my blog today. Kathleen is giving away a copy of her book Secrets and Wishes. Be sure to read on down to find out how to enter.
New Chapters in Life

When I decided that the older sister of the hero in Rumors and Promises needed her own story, I also decided to pull a secondary character from my novella, The Pocket Watch. The brother of the main character, Daniel, is Thomas Harper. Though he was only mentioned a couple of times I decided to move him, a widower from Detroit, to Stone Creek, Michigan with his four rambunctious children.  

Maggie, also widowed, is the heroine of Secrets and Wishes, my latest novel. Both Thomas and Maggie are going through times of transition in their lives. Maggie no longer keeps house for her brother, Ian, who is now married. She gains second place in a national baking contest and starts to think about a possible future as a businesswoman with her own bakery.

Thomas, still reeling from the death of his capable helpmeet, decides to move to a smaller country town and open a pharmacy there. Lost without Bess, he’s finding it harder to start over than he expected.

It occurred to me that I had written about people who were going through major transitions in their lives. Over the years as I had worked on this story, on and off, I realized I’d been transitioning too. No longer a homeschooling mom of three, on call 24/7, I found myself with an empty nest. My youngest left for the military at 18, I had another kid on the other side of the world, and one trying to figure out life in another city. Who was I in the midst of all that? I went back to school—twice. I worked in a contract job and later a temp job as a dental assistant, but never seemed to find the right fit. It seemed the Lord was calling me home and back to pursuing my writing more seriously. And that was kind of scary, though I love being home most of the time and creating new stories!

After going through a wilderness experience recently, and calling out to God, He has heard my cries and pointed me fully back to Himself, where I realize: Here is my home, first and foremost, I am a child of God. As it says in Colossians 3:3 of believers, “For you died, and your life is now hidden in Christ with God.” Our identity is truly in Jesus Christ who has given us new life in Him!

Maggie and Thomas are flawed individuals who also are looking for the answers to what the next chapter in their lives is supposed to look like. When trials and tragedy ensue, they’re eventually drawn closer to Christ and surprises in love. I also enjoyed writing about their fictional children: Abby, Josiah, Lyle, Zeke, the troublemaker, and Maggie’s son, Philip. I hope my readers will enjoy their antics as much as I enjoyed creating these characters and their situations.

Writing a novel can be as therapeutic as it is creative, so I find I’m learning about myself even as I get to know my characters. It’s my desire to encourage and entertain with each of my stories. With my historical romances, my wish is to minister to my readers as they escape to Stone Creek, that they will take a load off and have a cold glass of lemonade on Maggie’s front porch swing as they read Secrets and Wishes.


1.What situation most recently made you think about the direction of your life?

2.What kind of character do you find most intriguing?

3.Which do you like better: simple romances or those with deeper plots? And why? 

GIVEAWAY: Secrets and Wishes 
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More about Secrets and Wishes:

Stone Creek, Michigan
April, 1901

Maggie Galloway and Thomas Harper clash after their sons collide in a fistfight. Both widowed, they’re each doing their best as a parent to their children. Outgoing Maggie has dreams for a home of her own and a business to provide for her son as she searches for God’s path for her life as a widow. Reserved Thomas struggles to establish his new pharmacy and take care of his four rambunctious children, while wondering how a loving God could take his beloved wife.

When Thomas becomes deathly ill, Maggie is recruited to nurse him back to health. Taking the children in hand, as well, is more than she bargained for, but she is drawn to help the grieving family. Both nurse and patient find themselves drawn to each other but promptly deny their feelings.

A baking contest sponsored by the Silver Leaf Flour Company brings former beau, Giles Prescott, back into Maggie’s life. When Giles offers Maggie a position at their test kitchen in Chicago, he hints that, along with assuring her a good job, it will allow them to possibly rekindle their relationship.

But then a charlatan comes to town, and tragedy soon follows. Maggie and Thomas discover the miracle potions he hawks aren’t so harmless when an epidemic hits Stone Creek. Thomas and Maggie realize they must work together to save lives.

Maggie finds herself caught up in battles within and without—the battle to help the townsfolk in the midst of illness and chicanery, and the battle to know which man—Thomas or Giles—deserves to win her heart.

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ABOUT KATHLEEN: Kathleen Rouser is the award-winning author of Rumors and Promises, her first novel about the people of fictional Stone Creek, Michigan. She is a longtime member of American Christian Fiction Writers. Kathleen longs to create characters who resonate with readers and realize the need for a transforming Savior in their everyday lives. She lives in Michigan with her hero and husband, Jack, and the sassy tail-less cat who found a home in their empty nest. Connect with Kathleen on her website at

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  1. I constantly think about the direction of my life.
    Most recently I tried working outside our home, only to find out my body ain't like she used to be.
    My back hurts, My knees hurt, and squatting down is hard to stand up from.
    So, I came back home to continue writing my blog, coloring in my adult color books and taking care of the house.
    I would love to win this book. I subscribe via email. moma3homeschool(at)gmail(dot)com

  2. I like the female characters with a lot of grit and tenacity. Makes for an exciting romance.


  3. I spent a horrible summer being lonely and depressed. I knew I needed to make a change. I am planning a move from Minnesota to Texas to be near good friends. I am a feedburner follower. nlgriggs902atgmaildotcom

  4. I would say a decision was 'kind of' made for my husband and me when our daughter and her family had decided to back to Missouri and we would no longer have family in Florida to help us with the upkeep of our home. My husband was very adamant about staying there so I told him that I guess I'd have to think about going back 'home' to Nebraska, we had lived in Florida for 18 years. He did come around and things worked out we moved into our new home on February 27th, our house was sold, papers signed and everything done by March 31st, thanks to a friend of our son-in-laws whose parents needed a place. So it was God's will that we come back home to enjoy our other two kids, their spouses and our six other grandchildren.

    wfnren at aol dot com

  5. One thing I've been thinking about is when to retire (yikes, I'm getting old) to be thinking this way, but it's coming. I'm starting to feel it's about time but waiting on God's perfect timing.
    I look forward to reading Secrets and Wishes by Kathleen Rouser. I read Rumors and Promises and what a powerful story. I'm a feedburner follower, Debbie.
    marilynridgway78 [at]gmail[dot]com

  6. 3. I usually prefer a deeper plot but at times when I'm busy and don't have much reading time, I prefer simple! jarning67(at)hotmail(dot)com

  7. I can so relate, Mchelle F.! Working 8-10 hour days at the dental office put me on my back when I got home and there wasn't enough left of me to do much of anything else. It's a blessing to be able to be home much of the time now. I am often checking with the Lord to make sure I'm on the path He wants for me. He is so merciful!

  8. Thanks for sharing, Debbie Clatterbuck! It does help to have a heroine with spunk for sure. :)

  9. Nancy Griggs, good for you! Sometimes we do need a change. I hope you will have much joy in your new home!

  10. Wendy Newcomb, wow! It sounds like the Lord moved swiftly on your behalf. I'm sure it will be nice for you to have so much family nearby. Happy it all worked out for you!

  11. Marilyn, that is a big decision! I will pray for God's guidance for you as you listen for His direction. And thank you for your kind words about Rumors and Promises. I am so grateful to the Lord for opening the doors for publication of my stories.

  12. Joan Arning, I know how you feel! There are days that the old gray cells are worn out and I can go for some light reading. Other days,
    I like something with a few twists and turns!

  13. 1.What situation most recently made you think about the direction of your life?
    Like You sort of I'm a SAHM of three (Just not homeschooling) My youngest just started Kindergarten and I Feel LOST. My husband doesn't want any more but I still want one more. He doesn't realize or understand that he's ending My Career (The Job I've held for the last 14 years)
    I have no Formal Education past High School Diploma and can't afford College or extra schooling to get a better job so I'm at a stalemate here. I will most likely end up getting a part time minimum wage job.
    Thanks for the chance to win a copy of your book it sounds really good. Thanks for sharing with us on here :)
    iamabho AT gmail DOT com

  14. I like simple romance when I'm in a hurry, but still want to read, but prefer something with more depth. Thank you for the review and chance. I'm a feedburner follower. leliamae54(at)aol(dot)com

  15. Linda Moffitt, I sure have felt your pain! We lost four babies after our youngest was born. I went through some terrible grieving and wanted to adopt a baby from China. My husband never really had peace about it. I had hoped to keep raising kids until I had grandkids! I probably would have felt at a loss if I'd sent my youngest off to kindergarten. Being a SAHM is a big job--homeschooling or not. Don't let anybody tell you otherwise. Jumping into college helped keep my mind on other things and give me temporary success as I worked for grades, but didn't lead to the "perfect" job. Now I'm working very part time in retail at a ladies' clothing store and I really enjoy it. I also volunteer by teaching kids at Community Bible Study. Sometimes volunteer work is a good way to find out what you like to do and you never know what you will learn about yourself even in a minimum-wage job. So don't panic. The Lord will lead you.

  16. Lucy Reynolds, thank you for taking the time to share your thoughts. Sometimes it's nice to have some easy reading, but other times I enjoy
    the twists and turns of something more complicated for sure!

  17. Thank you, Debbie Lynne, for having me as your guest this past week. I've really enjoyed it!

  18. And the winner is..... Lucy Reynolds! Kathleen will be contacting you shortly. Congratulations!