Monday, September 25, 2017

The Judge’s Bride by Patricia PacJac Carrol ends October 2

I'd like to welcome Patricia to my blog this week. It has been a while! Patricia is giving away a copy of The Judge’s Bride so be sure to read on down and answer one of her questions. Don't forget to leave your email addy so we can contact you if you win. If you are a feed burner follower be sure to let me know for an extra entry!

Thanks to Debbie Lynne for inviting me to her blog. I hope everyone is doing well. Still praying for all those who suffer from the hurricanes, floods, and fires. Our country has been hit with a lot lately.
Why do I write historicals? For me, it’s because I love horses and always have. I grew up watching westerns, and I just can’t get them out of my mind or imagination. I love the notion of the Wild West, the freedom of riding over the plains, and the idea of exploring new lands and forging out a life in a new place.
So that’s a little about me. Patricia PacJac Carroll and why I write what I do. Today, I wanted to introduce you to one of my series set in Montana in the 1880s. 

Second Chances ~ who doesn’t love them! 
The Judge’s Bride ~ Book 1 of Montana Brides of Solomon’s Valley
You know, circumstances have made a mess out of your life. Oh, all right, perhaps we have had a hand in the mess, but this story is more about two people who decide to make the best of the mess they find themselves in.
Rachel had been happily married. Yes, they struggled on their farm in Minnesota, but they and their ten children were happy until the unthinkable happens and Rachel finds herself a widow. The farm would go to pay taxes. That was bad enough. But now she was at risk of not only losing the farm but her youngest children when well-meaning townsfolk decide she couldn’t provide for her large family.
Desperate, she answers an ad for a mail order bride. Her bid to save her family goes unnoticed by all but one man, Judge Solomon Taggart in Montana. Desperate to keep her children, she accepts his offer, but chooses not to tell him how many children she has.
Judge Solomon Taggart had everything. He practically owned Solomon’s Valley. Did own the biggest ranch. Add some gold mines and he had it all. Except a family. His wife and daughter had died of the fever years ago. He was lonely. And had no one to leave his vast holdings to. Desperate for a family, he replied to an ad for mail order brides. One ad caught his eye. The woman said she had children. Didn’t say how many, but one or two would be nice. Besides, he had his hands full trying to keep peace between two feuding families in the valley.

I hope you’ll enjoy this story of love’s second chances. The Judge’s Bride is Book 1 of
Montana  Brides of Solomon’s Valley series.
Have you taken advantage of a second chance?
Have you known a family involved in a feud?
*** I’ll give away one ebook of The Judge’s Bride (Kindle Version) 

About Patricia: Patricia PacJac Carroll~ I am a writer, Christian first, and blessed beyond my imagination. I live in the Dallas-Ft Worth area of Texas with my wonderful treasure of a husband, my spoiled dog, Jacs, and my awesome son, Josh. Did I say I was blessed? The PacJac is from my initials and my husbands. I wouldn't be able to write if it weren't for him. I love adventure and the open road. The stories of the western era have always been a favorite of mine. I enjoy writing, and my goal is to write stories readers will enjoy.

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  1. Sounds like a great book! Thank you for sharing!

  2. this sounds like a great book.. I like reading about second chances. Sometimes that is really needed but not given. Have not know anyone in a family feud. Some difficulties and differences, but that is to be expected.
    quilting dash lady at Comcast dot net

    1. Thanks for your comments Lori. I don't know anyone with a family feud either. Other than in my imagination.

  3. I am glad to say I don't know anyone in a family feud and have given second chances and third and fourth. LOL I had a friend in high school that I had an argument with and she wouldn't talk to me for a time, but she gave me a second chance. Unfortunately, we have lost touch with each other since I moved so far away.

    princessdebbie1_2000 (at) yahoo (dot) com

  4. I truly enjoy historical fiction and westerns have always brought me joy. Many of my precious memories include watching Westerns with my Daddy. Patricia, thanks for sharing today.
    Debbie, I follow you.
    Blessings to both of you!

    1. Thanks Connie. I still watch those old westerns and still enjoy them. : )

  5. I have had a second chance and been involved in a family feud.
    Let's see: when I was 17 I married a man God & my family didn't approve of. However, since I was so young my dad had to sign some papers to make it legal. I remember him saying, "You're going to do it anyway when you turn 18."

    As for the family feud: My dad didn't get along with his side of the family so even though we lived in the same town I rarely got to see them. So really grew up not knowing them because of some feud I know nothing about. moma3homeschool(at)gmail(dot)com

    1. Forgot to finish my first thought: I did marry the man and had a child by him. However, it ended badly because he was so abusive. Then God sent me a wonderful Christian man who I have been married to for over 25 years. God is good!

  6. I am so glad you got a good second chance, Michelle.

    1. Hit enter too quickly. lol
      Thanks for sharing. Those feud stories are interesting aren't they. Gets your curiosity going, but sad that families are torn apart by them.

  7. I was married twice so guess that was taking a second chance! I went to Montana on a missions this last summer so am finding books set in Montana especially appealing! jarning67(at)hotmail(dot)com

  8. Second chance stories are great. This sounds really good.

  9. Sounds like the judge might not know what he is getting himself into!

  10. The Judge's Bride sounds like a story I'd be caught up in reading. Thank you for introducing Patricia PacJac Carroll here on your blog. I'm a feed burner follower.
    marilynridgway78 [at]gmail[dot]com