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Finding Love in Friday Harbor, Washington by Annette M Irby ends August 14

 Please welcome Annette M Irby to my blog. Annette is giving away an ecopy of her book so be sure to read on down to see how to enter. Don't forget to leave your email address and let me know if you are a feedburner follower for an extra entry.

We writers get to sometimes live vicariously through our characters. That was certainly the case for me while writing Finding Love in Friday Harbor, Washington, which releases September 1st. Here are three ways I lived vicariously through my characters while writing this first book in the Washington Island Romance series.

Taken by Annette M. Irby
Oh, the location.
Beaches full of seashells, kelp, pebbles, and sea glass. Waves lapping on the shore, polishing the stones. Sunsets. Salty air. Breezes and majestic views! I can’t get enough of the sea, how about you? I didn’t always live near water—especially not seawater. My first trip to the ocean was to the Atlantic. I was four. I didn’t understand what I was seeing, and I literally stood in awe of the waves splashing in. Then, our family visited deep water again when we trekked off to Lake Superior. Those gargantuan freighters! If they were that big, how deep must the water be? Fascinating and frightening. To this day, I have never gotten enough of beaches and water, from a distance. See my next point. 

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As a young adult, I thought I’d earn a degree in either marine biology or oceanography. If I could make a career of sailing the ocean and studying the phenomenal creatures that live there, I’d be living the dream. Then, reality set in—a fear of deep water, like the Salish Sea. (Yikes! Six-gill sharks live down there!) Plus, I get motion sickness in planes, and on boats. The solution? Dramamine, which for me equals Zzzzzz.  So, the sailor’s life would not work for me. But writing about characters who not only can sail without seasickness, but who also nearly live on the water—that is living vicariously!


I may be a bit fearful of sharks, but I am fascinated with whales. Sure, they’re oftentimes humongous, but for the most part, they aren’t violent, especially when it comes to humans. Writing about a marine biologist and a whale-tour guide gave me a chance to study whales, porpoises, dolphins, sea otters, sea lions, etc. The photo above shows a minke whale. Minkes are lesser known, medium-sized baleen whales, measuring around 24-26 feet. As I was researching for this book, I learned that minkes will sometimes swim next to kayakers, keeping pace with them. That gets the imagination going, doesn’t it? Check out the book to see if any minkes come visiting.

How about you? Do you live vicariously through others? Perhaps friends or family members or perhaps characters you read about or write about? If I could live a different existence, I’d be a marine biologist and never get seasick. How about you? If you could have any career, without limitations of say, health or resources, what would you do? Where would that put you? 

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Information for title: Finding Love in Friday Harbor, Washington
Book One in the Washington Island Romance series by Annette M. Irby
Release date: September 1, 2017
Pre-order link goes live: August 1, 2017

Will keeping his promise lead to another broken heart—or help them find love again?
Professor Mikaela Rhoades has a plan: she’ll encourage her students’ marine biology research through an exclusive program while helping an old family friend’s whale touring business stay afloat. The challenge is the tour captain is her first love and ex-fiancé. Mikaela longs to help his family in the wake of his father’s death, but she’s keeping secrets. She’ll have to face her past and overcome her concerns about the future to make it through the summer.

Captain Hunter Cahill has taken over the family touring business after his father’s death. Unfortunately, he’s drowning in grief and accumulated debt. He’s hoping the incoming stodgy professor will help resurrect the failing business, but he’s not prepared when that professor turns out to be Mikaela, his former fiancée. To make matters more difficult, he’d promised his father to pursue her if she ever returned to the island single. The more time they spend together, the easier it is to keep that promise, though she still plans to leave at the end of the season. How much will it cost him to spend the summer romancing Mikaela?

About Annette
Annette M. Irby has been writing since her teen years when she sat pounding out stories on a vintage typewriter just for fun. Since then, she’s joined Christian writing groups and launched blogs so she could share the joy of writing. She likes to say she’s addicted to color as flowers and seascapes inspire her. In her off hours, she enjoys gardening, photography, and music. She lives with her husband and family in the Pacific Northwest.

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Twitter: @AnnetteMIrby
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  1. Great interview! I would love to have a book store/Bible study center. FeedBurner follower.

  2. I would love to be an Oceanographer! I love the ocean :)

  3. I would love a little antique/bookstore. mauback55 at gmail dot com

  4. I live vicariously through characters in books. I would love to live in the mountains.

  5. Thanks for having me, Debbie! And thanks for reading, friends! For some reason, the screen isn't showing the lettering on the green background, so I can't read your comments, but I'm very glad you're here!

  6. If I could live a different life, I'd like to be a librarian or an educator of some kind.

  7. I do live vicariously through characters in books. I enjoy the various historical settings and would like to live at the end of the Civil War Era. I also enjoy the simplier lifestyles even though harder work during the late 1800's and early 1900's with all the new discoveries. marilynridgway78 [at[ gmail [dot]com

  8. Congratulations, Michelle! You are our winner. Annette will be contacting you shortly.