Monday, March 27, 2017

3 copies of DawnSinger by Janalyn Voigt to be given away ends April 3

When Life Doesn’t Go According to Plan

I was tapped out on all levels. Heartbroken from having to pay someone else to watch my baby--the very thing I longed to do--while I worked, I wept into my pillow at night. Physically spent from racing home to care for my baby while simultaneously trying to cook and clean, I would then sometimes have to spend some of the night awake with my baby. Wounded after the traumatic events that left me alone as a parent, I found it hard to even pray.

Being a single parent was one of the hardest things I’ve ever done.  My family lived several states away and I had little time or energy to maintain friendships. This meant my baby and I spent holidays on our own. I desperately needed help, but I didn’t know how to ask for it. Those in my church sensitive enough to step in for me had my undying gratitude.

The Lord granted my plea to remain home with my baby when my employer let me telecommute from home. Eventually, a wonderful man claimed my heart. One of the sweetest memories from our wedding was when my sweet daughter, now three, went down the aisle in her white dress to “marry” John along with me. (My second favorite was the moment when the ice cream truck played its music outside and she sprinted back down the aisle.)

The Bible tells us that “God sets the lonely in families” (Psalm 68:6).  I can testify to the truth of this. He did with me. I rejoice in God’s faithfulness every day, but a certain sadness tempers my joy. I will never forget the confusion, exhaustion, and pain of being all alone as a mother. My heart goes out to single parents. I know what it’s like. More importantly, God knows. He sees every tear and longs to comfort the lonely.

I love how God lets us turn back and help others going through something we endured. When writing Hills of Nevermore, the first novel in the Montana Gold western historical romance series, I drew upon my experience as a single Mom to bring the heroine to life. Through this story, I wanted to show that God is bigger than our sins, and that He loves us despite them.  We can do nothing in our own strength to redeem ourselves in God’s eyes because He already did that by dying on the cross for our sins. Accepting this fact brings peace and new life.

Thanks for visiting with me on Debbie Lynne’s blog today. I’m giving away three digital copies of DawnSinger. To enter, please leave a comment about a life experience that gave you empathy for someone else or share how another person touched you out of their own sorrows. 

DawnSinger: A headstrong young princess and the guardian sworn to protect her travel on winged horses across dangerous territory in a desperate bid to fulfill prophecy and release restoration into a divided land.

Hills of Nevermore (Montana Gold, Book 1)

Can a young widow hide her secret shame from the Irish preacher bent on helping her survive?

In an Idaho Territory boom town, America Liberty Reed overhears circuit preacher Shane Hayes try to persuade a hotel owner to close his saloon on Sunday. Shane lands face-down in the mud for his trouble, and there's talk of shooting him. America intervenes and finds herself in an unexpectedly personal conversation with the blue-eyed preacher. Certain she has angered God in the past, she shies away from Shane.

Addie Martin, another widow, invites America to help in her cook tent in Virginia City, the new mining town. Even with Addie's teenage son helping with America's baby, life is hard. Shane urges America to depart for a more civilized location. Neither Shane's persuasions nor road agents, murder, sickness, or vigilante violence can sway America. Loyalty and ambition hold her fast until dire circumstances force her to confront everything she believes about herself, Shane, and God. 

Based on actual historical events during a time of unrest, Hills of Nevermore explores faith, love, and courage in the Wild West.

About Janalyn:

Janalyn Voigt’s lifelong love of storytelling began in childhood when she dreamed up her own bedtime stories. She grew into a precocious reader, a pastime she credits with teaching her to write. Janalyn trained formally with Christian Writers Guild. Today she is a multi-genre author and literary judge. Janalyn is represented by Wordserve Literary. 

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  1. Thanks for sharing your personal experience. I know that your testimony will help someone else who finds themselves in that position.

  2. The book sounds good! jarning67(at)hotmail(dot)com

  3. Thanks for sharing! The book sounds good!

  4. Thank you for sharing your story, Janalyn. So thankful God always makes a way for His children even in the valleys. I've had empathy toward others who has lost their parents to cancer since I've lost my father to cancer. As a hospice volunteer, I've found plenty of opportunities to show empathy and be there for others. God bless you and your writing.

  5. Thanks for sharing your heart, Janalyn. On our honeymoon I had a scuba diving accident. It caused me to be paralyzed on my right side and partially paralyzed on my left side. Through endless treatments in a decompression chamber and therapy throughout the next year, my paralysis was reversed. I made a remarkable recovery though I still suffer from some side effects. Going through this experience has helped me to have a greater empathy for others, and to strive not to flippantly give the lip service of asking someone : "How are you?" and then quickly go on my way, but try to be sensitive to others and their needs.

    Thanks for the opportunity of this giveaway, Janalyn! DawnSinger sounds like a fantastic read!!!

    Debbie, I am a FeedBurner subscriber of your newsletter.

    ~Alison Boss

  6. Janalyn, thank you so much for sharing! I so admire single mothers.

    Thank you for the giveaway.

    Deb, I'm a FeedBurner subscriber.

    1. You're welcome, Caryl. This was a part of my life story that I've never shared until now.

  7. And the winners are: Joan, Melanie, and Karyl! Janalyn will be contacting you shortly.