Monday, September 19, 2016

Anne Flosnik Audio Narrator PLUS Giveaway!

Please welcome Anne Flosnik to my blog this week. I am excited to have Anne here with me. She's a delightful lady and I am so blessed to have narrated Sword of Forgiveness. We are giving away an audio copy of Sword of Forgiveness, a kindle copy, as well as a paperback. Read on down to see how to enter.

Where are you right now (LVR, DR, Bathroom) and what are you wearing? You have to tell the truth. In My kitchen, wearing workout gear.

When did you realize you had a talent for narrating books?
In English Literature class in high school, when I had the opportunity to read out loud in front of the class from classics such as “Kidnapped,” by Robert Louis Stevenson ,and “Macbeth,” by Shakespeare. I loved the thrill of speaking such fine words aloud, and the feeling of performance.

If you could be any character in any literary book who would you be and why? Honestly, there are too many to mention, and some may not have been written yet.

What is something that very few people know about you? I am a trained nurse and was a midwife in England.

What is your favorite material item that you own (examples: ipod, Gone with the Wind book, grandmother’s rocking chair) My mother’s wedding ring.

Can you give us a brief idea what all is involved in narrating a book?

Once you cast reading the book from cover to cover, making two lists. One list for pronunciations I am unsure of, and to keep words consistent during performance, and a list of character descriptions, and notes on the text. Researching all the pronunciations I can find on my own, if there are any I can’t find, I email a list to the publisher or the author if I am working with one directly. When recording begins, I aim to complete two finished hours per day, which may involve several hours in the chair. At the beginning of each new day of recording, I listen back to a few minutes of the previous day’s recording to return to that emotional place, and dive back in.

How many books have you narrated? Over 500. I began my career narrating for the National Library Of Congress Service ( NLS) for the Blind and Physically Handicapped. I currently have 252 titles on

What is your favorite genre to narrate?

If the writing is good, it can be pretty much anything. I have a fairly diverse portfolio. 

What makes you choose a book or reject a narrating job?
The quality of the writing is the single most important factor. I evaluate each book on it’s own merits.

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About Anne:

Anne Flosnik is an accomplished, multi award winning British actress, with lead credits for stage, television, commercials, industrials, voice-overs, and audiobooks. Anne has garnered three AudioFile Earphones Awards, Three Library Journal Starred Audio Awards, an ALA Award, and has four Audie Award nominations, including "Anna And The King Of Siam." Her narration of "Little Bee" by Chris Cleave was chosen as one of the Best Audiobooks of the Year 2009 by AudioFile magazine, and one of the Top 40 Best Audiobooks of 2009 by Library Journal.

Anne was winner of APA "Blogger Of The Year 2015" Jennifer Conner "If I Picked Audie Award Winners, 2015," winner Non Fiction with "The Art Of The English Murder."

Anne won a TIVA DC Peer Award 2014 - Book Narration Female "The Forgotten Seamstress."

The UK newspaper, the Independent awarded her narration of "The Churchills In Love And War," #2 position on their list of "The Ten Best Audiobooks 2011."


  1. Hello Anne. How interesting. How did you first start narrating? What was the process you had to go through.

  2. Hi there. I saw an add looking for studio narrators for the Library Of Congress Program For The Blind. I followed the instructions for the audition, which involved reading a short Fiction and Non Fiction piece.That was how I got my start.

  3. Hi Anne, I've listened to and enjoyed a couple books that you've narrated. How do you decide how the men will sound?

  4. Hi Andrea! Thank you for your lovely compliment. I follow the cues the author has written, and see the different men in my imagination, and then that comes out in my voice.

  5. I listened to the example of "Sword of Forgiveness". You make it so exciting even though I love to read it myself. How do you keep those different voices in your head and make sure you get each one right as I'm sure there are more than 3 or 4 characters? Do you ever have to "redo" a big segment?

  6. Hi Brenda! Thank you for the lovely compliment. Delighted you enjoyed the sound sample. Keeping the voices straight in my head comes naturally. I see the characters on the page, and sort of morph into them. Things do indeed get redone sometimes, usually for mistakes I made with reading a wrong word.

  7. Where did you live in England? jarning67(at)hotmail(dot)com

  8. I was born in Newcastle Upon Tyne, and lived most of my life in Gateshead, which is just over the bridge. The last FEW years I lived in England were in Manchester, where I met my husband. Newcastle Upon Tyne is in the North East of England where "Sword Of Forgiveness," is set.

  9. Great to meet the voice behind the books.



  10. Hi Mary! And terrific to meet readers and listeners! :)

  11. It's nice to learn more about a narrator and how they became narrators for books. Thank you for sharing.

  12. Thank you Marilyn! Are you an audiobooks fan?

    1. Yes, I enjoy audiobooks. Our library has a lot of audiobooks. My e-reader does not have audio.

    2. There's something very special about audiobooks. SWORD OF FORGIVENESS is also available in Whisper Sync, allowing it to be both read and listened to, with the ability to do both at the same time, or switch between. It's wonderful the way audiobooks play on so many devices. I have lots on my phone. :)

  13. I was wondering how you started narrating also? I saw another reader asked the same question, so I hope that is Ok. I really enjoy listening to audio books in the car or when I am sewing.
    amylsmith AT bledsoe DOT net

  14. Hi Aimee! I started to be interested in acting because so many people commented on my English accent, when I came to live in America. I had always wanted to act, so started to take all kinds of acting lessons, and did all of sorts of acting jobs. I joined a local acting resource for actors called the Actors Center. They had a listing of auditions every week, and that's where I saw the posting for auditions for new Library Of Congress narrators. That's how I got my start.
    I love listening to audiobooks of all kinds, too. :)

  15. Hello, Anne. Did you act as a child?

  16. Hi Lucy! What an interesting question. No, I never acted as a child. I didn't act until I came to America. People loving my accent spurred me to look into acting, and that was the beginning of my career.