Monday, October 13, 2014

A Warrior's Vow by Christina Rich ends 10/19

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Debbie Lynne, thank you for having me at Sword and Spirit again. I absolutely love guest blogging here because of the freedom I have to talk about spiritual things. And y’all are so gracious to accommodate me.

I’ve had a tough season of not writing. It’s crazy too, especially when I think about all these wonderfully talented authors waiting on contracts and would love to be where I am with three contracts notched in my belt. Seriously, I should have stayed with the momentum and continued to hand in proposals left and right, but that didn’t happen.

Instead, I allowed the emotional turmoil of supporting a loved one whose loved one was fighting cancer to shut me down. I buried myself into the Lord as much as I could. Reading, praying, attending church, reading, praying, pacing, sleeping, crying. Now, the crying had little to do with the emotional stuff and more to do with the fact that I wasn’t doing what I thought I should do. I thought I should be pleasing my family, friends, and editor by writing and I thought I should be ministering by serving those around me. And so I started to look for reasons why I wasn’t doing any of it the way I should… man did I come up with all sorts of excuses. What it came down to was plain old depression.

WHICH, I will tell you, as God showed me, stemmed from two things. 1.) I wasn’t meeting expectations and 2.) I wasn’t meeting expectations.

Let me explain—I was doing everything in my power to be everything to everybody whenever they needed me and I was falling short. I was disappointing people, which left me feeling like a failure. On the other side of that coin, as hard as I was trying to do the right thing, the godly thing, I wasn’t meeting God’s expectations by being obedient to what He wanted me to do. I was so caught up in the busyness of life that I failed to hear Him.

Not all good things are God things for you at that specific moment.

This mental roller coaster caused me to step away from social life and press into God. I discovered I had some junk to deal with and the first bit of business was to realize exactly who I am. Not who the world says I am, but who God says I am.

I don’t know where or when it starts but too many of us humans start believing a lie that we’re worthless, that the world would be better off if we found a quiet corner and disappeared. It could stem from hurtful words when we were children (quit wallowing, go outside, just get away, you’re over weight, you have too many freckles, I don’t like you, you’re just like your father, why can’t you be more like the Tommy Jones). For some reason when we’re criticized for our shortcomings, especially things we can do nothing about, we begin to believe the lie.

But God says we’re, all of us, are created in His image. That has to be beautiful, doesn’t it? Psalm 139 says were fearfully and wonderfully made. Psalm 17:6 says we’re the apple of God’s eye. Psalm 8:5 says we’re crowned with glory and honor.

Life giving words, huh?

Proverbs 18:21 says the tongue has the power of life and death. Life and death. God’s Word builds us, lifts us, tells us who we really are, who we’re meant to be in His creation. I don’t know about you, but I want to speak life to the people around me. I don’t want to beat down the drug addict or the homeless man begging on the corner. They’re already feeling as low as low can get. They need life spoken to them. Just like you and I need life spoken to us.

It doesn’t matter if I never write again what’s important is that I’m discovering who I really am and it is one of the most liberating things I’ve ever done. Next time I hear that voice inside my head that I’m a huge mess up and the world would be better off, I know how to combat, with the word of God. It is written, I am fearfully and wonderfully made. J

Would you do me a favor, would you take careful consideration with your words? Be slow to speak and quick to listen. If you’ve suffered from the wounds of words and need healing in your spirit I would love to pray for you. You don’t need to give me details, just leave a comment that you need healing. And if you’re one who might have said some mean things that might have caused a wound and you’d like prayer, too, I’d be honored to pray for you as well. Again, just leave me a comment.

More about Christina:
Christina Rich is a wife and mother of four. She is romance author published with Love Inspired Historicals. The Guardian’s Promise and The Warrior’s Vow, set in ancient Judah, are currently available from and 

He Was Hers to Command 

Swept away from her home and into the desert, Abigail is as much a prisoner as she is a princess. A ruthlessly ambitious captain of the palace guard intends to force her into marriage and rule Judah through her. Yet the badly beaten soldier Abigail rescues offers another choice—if she dares trust him.

She is royalty, yet Jesse is surprised by the gentle compassion Abigail shows him as he heals. In return, he will help her escape to Jerusalem, protecting her life with his own. But Abigail's rank and Jesse's deadly past makes any future impossible, unless forgiveness forged by love can triumph over all.


  1. I need healing from my ex husband who was abusive mentally. There were so many many times and I am having a very hard time to forgive. Their was also physical abuse but the awful words just stick in my mind. Please pray for me.

    1. I will be praying for you! I'm sorry I somehow missed this. God bless you and you have my prayers.

  2. Your post is so appropriate for today's women, for this woman. Thank you. Pray that I will be the woman the God wants me to be.

    1. THank you for stopping by, Jennifer. Saying a prayer now that you will be all God wants you to be.