Monday, May 5, 2014

The Reading Survey Results

I put a survey up a couple weeks ago on The Sword and the Spirit. I wanted to share those results with you. Thank you to everyone who participated.

So without further ado here are our favorites:

Favorite Genre we have Historical  Romance winning with 12 votes. Historical Romance Suspense and Historical both pulled in 7 votes.

Favorite Time Period our numbers run a little closer here. 6 Western, 4 Regency, and 4 Civil War

Story Preference the 3 top winners are so close. 8 voted for Cowboys, 7 voted for Southern Romance, and 7 voted for Sweet Romance

Below are all the numbers if you'd like to see where your favorites landed.

Favorite Genre

12 Historical Romance                   
7 Historical Romantic Suspense    
7 Historical
1 Fantasy 
0 Romantic Suspense                                                         
0 Spooky                                                                          

Favorite Time Period

6 Western 
4 Regency
4 Civil War
3 Colonial
2 1850's - 1920's   
2 1940'a-1950's

2 18th century in general
2 19th century in general   

2  Victorian
Revolutionary War                                      
2  Medieval
0 None                                            
0 Age of Romance       
0 Gilded                                                               
0 Georgian                  
0 Age of Discovery    
0 Renaissance             
0  Futuristic                                              
0 1920's                       

Story Preference

8 Cowboys             
7 Sweet Romances   
7 Southern Romances
5 Amish
5 Mystery  
4 Pirates                   
2 Medieval               

2 Early 1900's  
2 Military
2 Biblical Fiction 
2 Historic England               
1 Indians
1 Age of Sail    
1 Fantasy              
0 Mermaids              
0 Vikings                      
0 Police                                                        
0 Spiritual Warfare 
0 Modern                                


  1. *waves* Hallo at long last, Ms. Debbie Lynne! :)

    I have been wanting to return to both the Society & your lovely blog for half an age, but my plate has been full with so many things these past months, that I simply did the best I could to maintain my own blog in the process of going through everything! :) Therefore, I was not extra chatty as I normally had been and now, as Summer is upon us, I feel as though I have extra joy to share again! Therefore, I wanted to duck back and see what was new with you! :)

    And, oh dear! I missed a bookish survey! I love those! :)

    I'll include what I prefer myself as an 'extra' reader response:

    I am answering based on my reading choices for inspirational fiction w/o considering where I'd wander for mainstream titles & authors:

    Top Choices for me:
    Historical Romance
    Historical Fiction
    Romantic Suspense
    And, one you did not name: Time Slip / Time Travel

    Favourite Time Period:
    Double Win of Top Choice: Victorian & Regency eras!
    18th century in general
    19th century in general
    World War eras
    Revolutionary War

    Story Preferences:
    Early 1900's
    Southern Romances
    Sweet Romances
    Historic England

    I wanted to participate in case you were curious what I would be keen on reading as a reader and/or if you were wondering which authors/books to feature on your blog! :) Truly, the kind of stories I get jazzed about the most for inspirational fiction can be found in the backlist & new releases for my favourite authors in inspirational fiction:

    Dee Henderson, Julie Lessman, Deeanne Gist, Lisa Wingate, Susan Meissner, & Brenda S. Anderson. I would add Debbie Macomber to this list, but she's known more in mainstream circles although she has a spiritual center. The writers I am keen on reading next are listed under my 70 Authors Challenge in my blog's sidebar as I am currently writing up the post to go with the challenge. I was set back a bit from starting it and will let you know once it goes live. :)

    I'm also reading along with the INSPYs 2014 this year and will be blogging about the new authors I am discovering through my self-guided RAL. The categories I chose to follow by borrowing books from my library are: Debut Fiction, General Fiction, Contemporary/Suspense Romance, & Historical Romance which truly knits together where my preferences lie.

    I hope all is going well with you! I noticed your blog posts are not as frequent as they had been, so I do hope your plate isn't as full as mine as been -- keeping you away from cheering for emerging established authors?! OR perhaps you've received good news on forward motion towards publication!? Are you going to start focusing on your books instead!? Hope so! I'd love to cheer for you if that were the case! Being a #bookcheerleader is one thing that uplifts me the most!

    I am thankful I dropped by today!
    Sending you a heap of hugs!

  2. Jorie! I'm sorry I missed this! Yes, my life has gotten so busy that I had to let about a months worth of posts go. We've had a lot of hardships in the family this year and are still facing several major surgeries along with my father falling and breaking 3 ribs and his neck but not severing the cord. Praise the Lord!! And I did get a contract. I will be published in Guidepost's Cup of Christmas Cheer 2014. I'm very excited to be a part of that collection. I'm going to rerun this post since Feedburner wasn't working properly when I posted it. And I will add your choices. :o)