Monday, April 14, 2014

Time Traveling plus Choice of Laurie Alice Eakes books ends 4/22

Please welcome my very good friend and talented writer, Laurie Alice Eakes to my blog this week. Laurie Alice is giving away a choice of one of her books to a lucky winner who carefully reads her blog post and answers her question correctly.
Traveling Through Time

It’s a fascinating concept--time travel. I don’t think it will ever happen in our lifetime--or ever, and yet, as a writer of historical fiction, i sometimes feel as though that’s how i spend my days--jumping from era, to era, place to place. Nothing has borne in on that as profoundly as this past year when I wrote three books that wer each in a different location and different time place.

Some writers stick to one time period and a general location. Not me. I havea broad knowledge of history and like to employ tidbids I have picked up in my travels--er--readings. These pasteighteen months or so have brought that home more than ever. 

First of all, I spent a couple of weeks writing a novella set on the Hudson River in 1825. For days, while living in a subtropical climate, where I
wore shorts, tanktop, and flipflops on  December 18, I was trying to make myself shiver aboard an early and thus primitive steamboat chugging northwest to reach the opening of the Eerie Canal in time for my beleaguered hero and heroine. What could a riverboat captain and an English lady running for her life have in common? Their determination and courage--stubbornness--were only the beginning of “Moonlight Promise” in Sincerely yours (Revell, April 2014).
 sooner did I land in another city here in the 21st century--and a marginally cooler climate--but the year changed and I had to get to work on another novel. 
This one carried me back to 1811 and across the Atlantic Ocean to Cornwall, that westernmost point of England with its dangerous cliffs and cves perfect for smugglers. As Elizabeth ran for her life and met up with a mysterious stranger, someone committed murder off stage and launched us into danger and intrigue, romance and awakening.
Yes, I said ‘us’. 
After all, wherever my characters go, I must go also. I like to think I am creating them and manipulating their movements, thoughts, and dialogue, and I’m not wholly convinced they aren’t manipulating me. Elizabeth and Rowan, the hero and heroine of A Lady’s Honor (Zzondervan, April 22, 2014), certainly did.

after that wild ride through the Cornish countryside, I finished another manuscript. This was nearly on my home turf, being set in Michigan, only over a hundred years before my birth. I grew up perhaps a hundred miles from Hillsdale, Michigan and had certainly heard of it, but I didn’t know anything deeply about the college untilresearching the background for The Professor’s Heart. But that was last years book, and I’m discussing this year’s new releases.

Finally for 2013, I found myself, for the very first time, in the twentieth century--well, I was born in the 20th century, so maybe I should say I found myself back in the 20th century, only decades before my birth and a couple thousand miles from my home. In other words, I landed in 1900 Tuxedo Park, New York. For the weeks I spent writing this wholly unexpected novel, I
played amidst the rich and infamous of New York society. My heroine had been doing some traveling of her own. She came home from England after a disastrous marriage to an English earl, only to learn she is accused of stealing jewels from her husband’s family. After I extracted  Catherine VanDorn from  her troubles and got her happily remarried in The Honorable Heir, I managed to do some traveling in the 21st century for my personal reasons and in one of my favorite places--the mountains of Virginia in the autumn.

Another new year has me back across the Atlantic in Cornwall, but that is next year’s book, and I’m trying to remain slightly anchored in 2014 Texas where I’m not trying to write a manuscript by hand.

Traveling Through Time
Whichever one of you  can list the titles of the books I mention in this article as new releases this year, you will be in a drawing for your choice of one of those books in e-book internationally, as well as the U.S., and only the contiguous 48 United States if you want a paperback version.
"Eakes has a charming way of making her novels come to life without being over the top," writes Romantic times of bestselling, award-winning author Laurie Alice Eakes. Since she lay in bed as a child telling herself stories, she has fulfilled her dream of becoming a published author. To date, she has sixteen books in print with five more under contract for release over the next two years. Eight of her books have been published in large print editions, one as a Crossings Bookclub hardcover edition, and one book has been put into Braille.
A graduate of Asbury University with a degree in English and French, and Seton Hill University, with a masters degree in Writing Popular Fiction, she also writes articles in writers publications, teaches writing workshops, and gives inspirational talks.
She lives in Texas with her husband, dogs, and cats. She enjoys long walks, all too rare rainy days, and knitting—rather badly—while watching movies or listening to music.
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  1. I liked this post and reading about Laurie Alice's adventures. The books releasing this year are Moonlight Promise in Sincerely Yours, A Lady's Honor, and The Honorable Heir. Thank you for the chance to win one of these books.
    susanmsj at msn dot com

  2. We have Laurie's books in the church library. I would love to win "A Lady's Honor" to add to our collection.
    Janet E.

  3. Thank you for stopping by, Ladies. Janet, please answer the question for a chance to win. I do this so people don't just comment without absorbing the information I took time to write out.

  4. This post nearly threw me for a loop, Laurie-all those dates! :) Here's my guess:

    Moonlight Promise
    A Lady's Honor

  5. Congrats on your new releases!
    My answer: Moonlight Promise, The Honorable Heir and A Lady's Honor.

    Thanks for the giveaway

    arieljo12 (at) hotmail (com)

  6. A Lady's Honor and Moonlight Promise! I checked your website too, hope I wasn't fooled!

    missionwife AT hotmail DOT com

  7. Moonlight Promise is Laurie's 1st novella for 2014 included in Sincerely Yours book
    A Lady's Honor set to release 2014 along with upcoming The Honorable Heir .
    A total fan of Laurie's writing, they're definitely satisfying, sure to please reads. I'm hooked, Laurie!
    Thank you for every pleasurable hour spent in your imaginary worlds !!

  8. Count me in with these wonderful books. I am a follower and the new releases are Moomlight Promise, Lady's Honor, and The Honorable Heir. Thank you for the opportunity!

    mauback55 at gmail dot com