Monday, December 10, 2012

Hummingbird by David Stearman ends December 17th

David Stearman is a full time missionary who has worked in European, Asian, and Latin American countries. He has spent a significant amount of time in the region covered by the novel Hummingbird, describing the area as only a physical and cultural eyewitness can.
He travels extensively within US borders as well, often ministering in some of its more influential churches. David is also a Contemporary Christian Music artist and songwriter, with numerous published songs to his credit.
Hummingbird is David’s third novel. You can visit his website at, find him on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Goodreads, or Pinterest, follow him on Twitter, or friend him on Facebook. Please do!

David is giving away an ebook to one winner. Ask David a question to be entered.

Where are you right now (LVR, DR, Bathroom) and what are you wearing? You have to tell the truth.
So glad I’m doing this in the afternoon! I’m on my laptop, sitting at my kitchen counter, which is close enough to my desktop computer for me to manage the printing job I’m completing, chatting back and forth with my parrot as I answer these questions. (I’m definitely a multi-tasker, which is saying something for a guy. I mean, who could begin to compete with any self-respecting mother of two kids?)

Tell us a little about what genre you write and why?
Adventure set in exotic locales. I’ve traveled all over the world as a singer and speaker, and we writers are encouraged to write about what we know. John Lubbock once said, “We may sit in our library and yet be in all quarters of the earth.” That’s what I try to accomplish in my novels; I want to take my readers on an exciting tour of the world.

Many writers will say they see stories all around them. Is there someplace you found this story?
This story was born in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, by the blue waters of the Banderas Bay. Coastal Western Mexico is home to some of the sweetest, most generous people on earth. I just had to write a story about them. Hummingbird was the result.

What is your favorite material item that you own (examples: iPod, Gone with the Wind book, grandmother’s rocking chair)
iPhone 5. And my Laptop. It’s hard to decide between the two, but they’re what I’d grab on the way out of the door if the house were on fire.

Are you or any close family members or friends in the characters personalities?
There’s a little bit of me in all my characters, but my friends and family, for the most part, have been spared from inclusion in my books. I’m still writing though, folks, so be nice!

If you were sent to another time period to live and were given a choice, when would that be and why?
Pre-WW2 South Pacific. I’d love life on a Polynesian isle.

What was the most useful thing you learned in school?
How to make friends and keep them. That’s the big one.

What is the funniest, strangest, or most interesting thing you have learned when doing research?
How babaylans, the witch-doctors in the Philippines, claim they can fall into trances, leave their bodies, and extract their enemies’ vital organs as they sleep. That’s pretty weird. I hope nobody’s reading this at bedtime.

If you were writing a book about your life what would the title be?
David Stearman--The Story of the Nobody God Turned into a Somebody. (Subtitled: At least that’s the plan for now…)

Set against the backdrop of the illegal immigration crisis…

She feels like a misfit. Who is she? Where does she belong?
Is she Lexa, or Alejandra, or someone else?
Forced to commit a crime, she flees south of the Border. A vindictive bounty hunter follows in hot pursuit.
Can Lexa escape? Find forgiveness? Learn who she is and where she belongs?
The answer lies in the tiny seaside village where wandering hummingbirds rest their wings.

Hummingbirda novel by David Stearman and C. Hope Flinchbaugh

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  1. david,
    thanks for the chance to read your latest novel...question: where will you be spending christmas this year?

    i'm a follower, too

    kmkjuka at yahoo dot com

  2. It looks like I am the first one. Great interview from another new to me author. This book sounds quite interesting and would love to read it. Thanks for the giveaway.


    1. Hey Jo! Thanks for coming by. And yes! You are the first. good luck.

  3. Fun interview! I'm glad David was dressed and in the kitchen. :)
    I love international locations in fiction. Probably as I live and write in what is considered an international location by most. To me it's just home.
    Thanks for the interview and giveaway.



    1. Hey Dorothy. How cool that you love international locations. It is really fun to read them especially when an author does their research. Like visiting a place you've never been. Good luck.

  4. I would like to win this book. Maxie ( )

  5. What's your favorite country you've lived in? I love exciting stories with plenty of suspense! I'm a follower. shopgirl152nykiki(at)yahoo(dot)com

    1. Hey Veronica,

      I see David didn't get to your question, and although I've only lived in the US I will say that I loved Venice! OMgoodness. I would love to spend 3 or 4 months a year there.

  6. I'm probably too late to win the book, but I had to say hi to Davie. Waving at you from Tulsa! I'm so glad to see you published. I've got to get a copy of Hummingbird. Have a blessed Christmas!

    1. Nope! Not too late. I'm behind due to some personal things going on. How cool that you know David. I love that you call him Davie. Good luck!