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Surrender the Dawn by MaryLu Tyndall Ends July 30th

We are having a week long celebration here at The Sword and Spirit for MaryLu Tyndall's new release, Veil of Pearls. In celebration, I've ordered our cake from my favorite baker. Today we are giving away a copy of  Surrender the Dawn. 

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It is 1811, and the prosperous port city of Charleston is bustling with plantation owners, slaves, and immigrants. Immigrants such as the raven-haired Adalia Winston. But Adalia has a secret: her light skin belies that she is part black and a runaway slave from Barbados. Skilled in herbal remedies, Adalia finds employment with a local doctor and settles into a quiet life, thankful for her freedom but still fearful that her owner will find her.

Born into one of Charleston's prominent families, Morgan Rutledge is handsome, bored—and enamored of the beautiful Adalia, who spurns his advances. Morgan's persistence, however, finally wins, and Adalia is swept into the glamorous world of Charleston high society.

But Adalia's new life comes at a high price—that of denying her heritage and her zeal for God. How far is she willing to go to win the heart of the man she loves? And when her secret is revealed, will that love be enough, or will the truth ruin Morgan and send Adalia back into slavery?

 Review by Kathleen L. Maher

This book has everything I've ever longed for in a story of the Old South. Romance is a given--Tyndall's writing is as steeped in flirtatious repartee and breathtakingly beautiful sweet romance as sun tea brewing on a Southern veranda. Candlelit soirees, moonlit strolls along Charleston's cobblestone streets, and the opulence of the landed gentry will sweep you off your feet.

But beyond the charm of the social season lies an undercurrent. A secret, a potential scandal. In a society where appearance and acceptance is everything, a young lady's true identity could spoil her fairy tale and repulse her prince.

Adalia Winston has come to Charleston to escape a terrifying past. Her pale complexion and position as Doctor Willaby's assistant belie the fact that she is an escaped plantation slave from Barbados. Her intelligence, audacious wit and indomitable spirit captivate Morgan Rutledge. Her stunning beauty steals Morgan's undying affections, despite being the son of a wealthy planter, expected to make a match with one of Charleston's elite.

Social conscience themes in this book transcend slave and master dynamics. The decimating power of cliques and social elitism translate to every arena and time period. Prejudices, strictures, and counterfeit values perpetuate a sense of enslavement in each character, and at times, it is hard to distinguish who is master and who is slave. Only the surpassing freedom of Christ, the power of unconditional love, and the confidence in one's calling end the cycle of enslavement.

Tyndall accomplishes a moving, believable tale of forbidden love and social angst. Few do homage to the Old South the way this seasoned writer can, and for that alone, this book has stirred my heart and left me breathless. With passages that hearken to Francine Rivers' classic Redeeming Love, and a masterful command of research and voice, Veil of Pearls is, in this reader's opinion, the historical romance of the year. 

Debbie Lynne here. A very special thanks goes out to my crit partner and wonderful friend, Kathleen L. Maher for allowing me to use her fabulous review!
 Today's Giveaway-- Surrender the Dawn
When the war of 1812 robs Cassandra Channing of her father and brothers, she must find a way to support her mother and younger siblings without being forced to marry a man she does not love. Determined to remain independent, she hires a privateer, captained by the town rogue.
Tortured by guilt for his parents’ death, Luke Heaton spends his time drinking and gambling. When Cassandra offers him enough money to fix up his ship, he sees an opportunity to redeem his reputation and help the lady he has loved from afar. Things go well until the British blackmail him into selling supplies to their ships. Still Luke cannot allow Cassandra’s family to be tossed on the streets. 
Cassandra has fallen in love with Luke. When she begins to suspect his nefarious activities, she is heartbroken. Hoping to prove her suspicions wrong, she sets out to catch him in the act. But what she doesn’t expect is to get caught up in a massive British invasion… and one of the most decisive battles of the war where lives, liberty, and the future of a nation are at stake. 

 MaryLu Tyndall's Bio 
A Christy Award finalist and best-selling author, MaryLu Tyndall dreamt of tall ships and swashbuckling pirates during her childhood years on Florida’s Atlantic Coast. Unfortunately, instead of pursuing that dream, she worked as a miserable, landlocked software engineer for fifteen years. Only by the grace and providence of God, did she decide to answer His call to write a Christian Pirate series. Today, while writing her eleventh novel, she manages a home, husband and six kids while battling three cats who have decided that her keyboard is the best place to sleep!  She believes that without popcorn and chocolate, life would not be worth living, and her sole motivation in life is to bring others closer to God.

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  1. Thanks for sharing your thoughts on this one Debbie, story sounds intriging. I am a fan of MaryLu and will look for this one.
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    1. Thanks for coming by Paula. It is an awesome story!

  2. My favorite story by Marylu is Veil of Pearls but this sounds good too.

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  4. I absolutely love the Surrender Series. I was never into history growing up, always found it boring. But, MaryLu's books have opened up a whole new world to me. She writes about history in a way that makes you want to learn more. For those who have not read this trilogy yet, I highly recommend it! You will not be disappointed.

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  6. Good morning, Ladies!!! Thanks for your interest in winning Surrender the Dawn. It's my favorite of the trilogy. And thank you Kathleen for such an AWESOME review of Veil of Pearls!!
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  7. Ooh this one sounds fantastic! I'll have to start the series soon! I saw the man Marylu cast as Luke on her blog and I'm hooked =)

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    1. I know.. he's simply dreamy, isn't he? LOL

  8. I have read the first book in the series so would love to read this one.


    1. Thanks Julia! So you are slightly familiar with Luke from book 1. :-)

  9. Veil of Pearls is a wonderful book! Besides being fun to read, it asks a very important question: how far will we go to gain acceptance? Will we compromise what we know to be right?
    Surrender the Dawn also sounds like a book I would enjoy reading. Thanks for giving away MaryLu's books all this week. I've become a fan!


    1. Bless you Pam! So glad you enjoyed Veil of Pearls!

  10. "Surrender the Dawn", wow, sounds like a nail-biter!

    I love how MaryLu's little bio is so focused on God, and then the cats and popcorn and chocolate make me think maybe we're related! =-P

    1. Ah.. Teddy.. another chocolate and popcorn fan, eh?? We are a rare breed!! Then throw in some loveable cats, and I'm in heaven. :-)

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