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Book Giveaway for Margaret Brownley's A Suitor For Jenny

Welcome Margaret. I'm happy to have you on my blog this week. Margaret is giving away a copy of her book, A Suitor for Jenny. Just leave a post and you'll be entered in the drawing.

Thrills, mystery, suspense, romance: Margaret penned it all. Nothing wrong with this—except Margaret happened to be writing for the church newsletter. After making the church picnic read like a Grisham novel, her former pastor took her aside and said, "Maybe God's calling you to write fiction."

So that’s what Margaret did. She now has more than 25 novels and novellas to her credit and has been published in 15 languages. The first book in her Rocky Creek series A Lady Like Sarah was a 2010 Women of Faith selection, and Romance Writers of American RITA finalist. Her next book A Vision of Lucy will be released in June.

Happily married to her real life hero, Margaret and her husband live in Southern California, and have three grown children.

Where are you right now (LVR, DR, Bathroom) and what are you wearing? You have to tell the truth.
First, let me say how much I appreciate you inviting me to your blog. As I write this it’s 4:30 a.m. and I’m in my office with a cup of coffee. It’s cold so I’m wearing sweats. I’m glad you didn’t ask this question when it was hot.

Do you think birth order affects the way you write? I’ve never thought about this before and it’s an interesting question. They say that birth order affects our personalities so it stands to reason it affects everything we do. I’ve always been a high achiever (or at least tried to be) and that is a trait of an oldest child. Jenny in my book is the oldest and is responsible for the care of her sisters—so I guess you could say birth order does affect what I write.

What was the greatest thing you learned in school? The greatest thing I learned in school was to read and ask questions. I can’t imagine a life without books and I don’t there’s any greater learning to tool than asking why, what or how?

What is the hardest part in writing a story? It’s all hard, but for me the hardest part is the first draft. Once I get the bare bones of my story on paper—as bad as it might be—that’s when the fun begins.

What is the funniest thing you have learned when doing research? In 1861, fifty ladies of the first Church of Milford in New York formed a society of old maids. It cost $5 to join the group and members had to vow never to marry. The interest earned from the money paid for the annual dinner, with the principal going to the woman who remained unmarried the longest.

According to an article in the New York Times thirty years later in 1891 all but 15 of the original 50 had married. By then the prize money had risen to $1000. I’ve not been able to find the winner’s name—if, indeed, there was one— but the best part of being a writer is where real life fails, inspiration takes over—and that is the basis of my next series.

If you were writing a book about your life what would the title be? Since I’ve been writing for 25 years and have had more ups and downs than an elevator and have had to adjust to a number of changes in the industry, I would say my autobiography would have to be “Survivor.”

What is your favorite material item that you own (examples: ipod, computer, Gone with the Wind book, grandmother’s rocking chair) This question gave me goosebumps because my favorite material item just so happens to be my hardback copy of Gone With the Wind. My oldest son (now deceased) once asked me what book most influenced me and I told him GWTW. I always hated history in school (all those dates and battles) but that book taught me that history was really about people and how they reacted to the events around them. My son gave me that book on Mother’s Day many years ago with a beautiful inscription and it is one of my most treasured possessions.

What is something that very few people know about you? Oh, wow! In the day of Facebook and Twitter I don’t think there’s much people don’t know about me. Let’s see, I failed 8th grade English (still can’t diagram a sentence), I’m tone deaf, allergic to broccoli and my office is painted Monet purple.

Finally, I’d love to hear from you all. You can contact me at margaretbrownley.com. I’m also on Facebook and Twitter. Just for fun, check out my video on Stagecoach Etiquette for Readers: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=prY2q9Oasp4.

More Love and Laughter in the Old West

From Margaret Brownley

More Love and Laughter in the Old West from Bestselling Author Margaret Brownley:

Some timely advice for landing a husband from Margaret’s book, A SUITOR FOR JENNY

· Charm and composure must prevail at all times. If a gunfight erupts, exit the scene with grace and serenity.

· If you don’t know whether or not to kiss a handsome man, give him the benefit of the doubt.

· Never engage in boisterous laughter. If you must show mirth, a polite smile or titter will suffice.

· Never criticize your beau. If it wasn’t for his faults he’d probably be courting someone else.

· A woman more knowledgeable than a man is obliged to hold her tongue and feign ignorance in all matters except, of course, childbirth.

· Never show affection in public. Love may be blind but the townspeople are not.

· Once your vows are exchanged devote yourself to domestication—his.

· Eschew secrets, for they are normally discovered at the worst possible time. If confronted, weep and deny everything.—

When looking for a husband it's best to go where the odds are in your favor.

After their parents died, Jenny Higgins felt responsible for taking care of her two younger sisters. Learning that Rocky Creek has the highest number of eligible bachelors per capita, Jenny rolls into this Texas town with a clear objective: find suitable husbands for her two younger sisters and then start fresh somewhere far, far away.

Jenny believes that women who fall in love at first sight often wish they’d taken a second look, so she diligently begins to follow all the rules set forth in her handy manual on how to land a husband. Leaving nothing to chance she subjects each eager bachelor to the Potential Husband Attitude Test (otherwise known as the PHAT), which even Marshal Rhett Armstrong fails.

But while Jenny is interviewing the less-than-promising candidates, her sisters are falling in love the old fashioned way. Jenny is convinced she knows how to pick “perfect” men and it will take two rebellious sisters, a handsome marshal and a whole lot of faith to convince her otherwise.

Congratulations Lisa- Winner of Caroline's Choice.

Be sure to leave your email address. Please check your junk mail on and the day after the drawing. I've had to redraw because of no responses. Subject box will have: winner of (book title). I'll email the winner and they'll have seven days to respond. If I don't hear back I'll draw another name. USA shipping only. Thanks so much and please stop back again! Drawing will be held Monday, March 14th. Offer void where prohibited. Odds of winning vary due to the number of entrants.


  1. Thanks so much for this giveaway :) I love romances, especially happy ones (aren't they all?) because it reminds me that there's still hope *SIGHH* This sounds like a great book and I think I'm exactly like Jenny; I'd totally pick a husband based on a manual's requirements. xD



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    I would love to win this book! Thanks for featuring it and Margaret Brownley.


  15. Lady DragonKeeperMarch 4, 2011 at 2:09 AM

    Wow, great interview! Ha ha, I'm actually the oldest child also ... I saw a book about birth order and traits at the library --flipped through it and I laughed because I could see a lot of the "traits" I and my siblings had that seem to be related to our birth order. I don't know if it's all true, but I'm marking it to read during summer break.

    This book sounds so fun! I love the "advice."

    Thanks for the opportunity to win!


    (Sent by Carman)

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    Enjoyed the interview, and learning a bit about your. And I hate to diagram a sentence....so you're not alone there!

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  23. Never criticize your beau. If it wasn’t for his faults he’d probably be courting someone else.

    ROFLOL! Actually, the whole list had me laughing! What a great start...how could you not want to read the book after that?!

    Margaret, I like your personal candor as well. An author you feel like you could be best friends with is the best kind of author to put on your "must read" shelf. I'll be looking for you in the bookstore (okay, online - where I have to go for my Christian books).


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