Monday, June 7, 2010

Gunsmith Gallantry Book Giveaway

I'm pleased to have Susan Davis on my blog this week. She's giving away her new book, Gunsmith Gallantry. Be sure to leave a post to be entered in the drawing.

Susan Page Davis is the author of thirty published novels in the historical romance, mystery, and romantic suspense genres, including The Ladies' Shooting Club series and American Heroes series. She and her husband Jim, an editor, live in Kentucky with their two youngest children.

1) Where are you right now (LVR, DR, Bathroom) and what are you wearing? You have to tell the truth.

I’m in my office, which is a spare bedroom in our new house. I’m wearing denim shorts and a tank top.

2) Who's your one biggest fan/supporter of your writing?

Definitely my husband, Jim. He’s been terrific since I started writing fiction seriously in 1999. He’s a professional editor, and he reads all my work before it goes to my book editor. He also vacuums, and when I’m on a deadline, he’ll do research or grocery shop—whichever is more urgent.

3) What is your favorite time period to write in?


4) If you could be any character in any literary book who would you be and why?

Harriet Vane, who becomes The Lady Peter Wimsey. Sigh. Not sure I’d want to be arrested for murder, though.

5) Are you or any close family members in the characters’ personalities?

Not really. The major characters in The Gunsmith’s Gallantry began their lives in The Sheriff’s Surrender. They are an eclectic group of people living in a western boom town gone bust. I have some quirky family members, but this is not them.

6) When did you decide you wanted to be a writer?

I’ve always written stories, since I was a child. I wrote news and nonfiction for more than 20 years of my adulthood. In the summer of 1999 I decided I was going to BE a fiction writer, whether successful or not.

7) Did anyone inspire you to write?

Lots of people, but not one in particular.

8) If you could meet any person alive or dead who would that be and why? (excluding the Lord)

I would like to meet Jonathan’s armor bearer and hear his war stories.

The shy gunsmith has problems—women problems!

Hiram Dooley’s sister Gert is about to leave him to get married—if Sheriff Ethan Chapman would ever propose; his sister-in-law, Rose, thinks Hiram should marry her, since they’re both widowed; and the woman he truly loves, Libby Adams, is blind to his regard.

Schoolmarm Isabel Fennel has a different problem—a man claiming to be her uncle came to town…and then disappeared. She’s afraid her father may have killed him and buried him behind the barn. Hiram helps the sheriff end a brawl at Bitsy Shepard’s saloon, and a mysterious stranger claims to be heir to a mining claim. The mayhem continues when Cyrus Fennel shows up with a black eye and tries to sell his land.

Can Hiram and the sheriff, along with Libby and the other members of the Ladies’ Shooting Club, discover what’s behind the mysterious events in Fergus? Will the uproar derail Hiram and Libby’s blooming romance, or can the Ladies’ Shooting Club save the day once again?

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e day after the drawing. I've had to redraw because of no responses. Subject box will have: winner of (book title). I'll email the winner and they'll have seven days to respond. If I don't hear back I'll draw another name. USA shipping only. Thanks so much and please stop back again! Drawing will be held Monday June 28.


  1. would love to read it


  2. Waving at you, "Harriet"! Don't enter me in the book giveaway, I already have a copy. :) Great book, everyone! And I loved the questions.

  3. My husband was a gunsmith, so I'd love to read this story.
    Erin Rainwater

  4. what a story! This is sure to keep ya turning pages.
    mahereenie at yahoo dot com

  5. Debbie, thanks for having Susan visit here ~ great interview questions. Susan always spins quite a tale!

  6. Like the cover ;)

    Please enter me into the drawing.


  7. I'm looking forward to the new adventures of the Ladies Shooting Club, please include me in the drawing for Gunsmith's Gallantry. Thanks!

  8. I have her first book (in this series) and would love to have this one. Thanks!!

  9. would enjoy reading this novel...thanks for the chance :)

    kmkuka at yahoo dot com

  10. Sounds like a lively tale.

    Thanks for the opportunity to win a copy.

    A J Hawke

  11. Wow, what a great group. Thank you all for coming by. Hey, Erin, my husband used to be a gunsmith, too. This interview was a lot of fun, and writing the series was fun, too. It took a lot of research, but was well worthwhile.

  12. This book sounds wonderful! Thanks for the oppertunity to win it!

    God bless!
    ~Katie G.

    katiegalyean (@) yahoo (.) com

  13. This sounds like a fun book.

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  14. Sounds like a great book for both me and my daughter! - stacey

  15. Thanks, everybody! Glad you stopped by this morning.

  16. I LOVE Susan's books and I would love to win a copy of this one. Please enter me! Thank you.

  17. I love Susan's books and this one sounds fun.

  18. Please enter me in this giveaway.


  19. Please enter me in to win the book. Looks like a good one :)

  20. Thanks everyone for stopping by. You're a great group and I really appreciate you stopping by and leaving a post! :)

  21. I keep hearing Susan's books recommended, so I would love to read her Gunsmith Gallantry. I liked your choice in wanting to meet Jonathan's armour bearer, I'll bet he would have some interesting tales. I would love to meet Jonathan. Hey, maybe you can give us a book based around that someday!


  22. This series of books was wonderful to write--lighthearted but touching on some serious themes. Julia, that's a great idea--you never know. I'm thankful to have the opportunity to write more books, and right now that means I have to get to work. Don't forget to stop by my Wesite, too, for a chance to win a large print hardcover copy of my New Hampshire historical, A New Joy: .

  23. Well, I LOVED Sheriff's Surrender and I can't wait to read Gunsmith's Gallantry. Actually, I love all of Susan's books. Julia, I recommend all her books, pick one up and you'll be hooked for all Susan's books.


  24. Sounds like a great book. My father-in-law wasn't a gunsmith, but he made his own ammo. It was interesting to watch. I even helped a little!
    Count me in on the giveaway. Carmen sent me.

  25. I haven't read one of Susan's books in several years. Would love to read this one.


  26. Please enter me. Thank you!


  27. Glad to see you all here! Patsy, even though my dh didn't keep up his gunsmithing license, he still likes to reload his ammo, too. Don't all true heroes? Ann, yes, it's high time you read another one! Thanks for stopping by, everybody.

  28. I ablsolutely love the cover art on Gunsmith's Gallantry. I have added this book to my must read list and would love to win a copy. Thank you so much for the opportunity.

    Smiles & Blessings,
    Cindy W


  29. Thanks, Cindy! I love the covers on this series, too.