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The Glassblower Book Giveaway

Welcome Laurie Alice Eakes. I'm happy to have you on my blog this week. Be sure to leave a post for the drawing I'm doing. I'll be giving away Laurie Alice's book, The Glassblower.

Journey to Another World by Laurie Alice Eakes

“The call” seems to focus the minds of authors. People want to hear stories about when others received “the call”. Talk goes around and around that so-and-so got “the call”. Two simple words that prove illogical to others and the whole world to a writer.

I got “the call” on July 18, 2005. At last, all the years I’d spent writing, learning, and submitted in had paid off. My career was on its way.


Yes, I sold that first book. It won a major writing award. I even sold a couple of essays and articles and another book.

Then the cruising limousine of my career stalled. For months, then a year, then a year and a half, I believed it had crashed and burned. No one wanted anything I wrote in the CBA or the ABA. I began to look at alternatives to being a writer.

Except none of those doors opened either. Jobs for which I was qualified didn’t happen. School was out of the question, as my husband’s job was taking us across country in another few months. Call me despairing.

Until I simply accepted my situation—God wanted me to have what I did to be a part of the writing community and encourage others, teach others, help them to success. Did that ever hurt, and if it was the plan God had for me, He knew what he was doing—keeping me humble if anything else. A weird kind of peace settled on me.

And then I got “the call” again. Three books to Heartsong Presents? Write them in a year? No problem. Then Avalon Books wanted my four-book series about career women in the 1890s. Then Baker/Revell wanted my first midwife book, then my Regency series, then two more midwife books…
Thirteen months, a cross-country move, and four books written later, I’d sold thirteen books. Then one of my earlier books got reprinted in large print, too.

Recently, my husband and I were talking about the significance of death in order to live. The Bible tells us we must be born again. That means we must die to self. Even more so, though, we have to let some things in our lives die. I had to let my will to be a published author, a full-time author, die in order for God to give me rebirth as a woman willing to submit to His timing, His will, as well as have the story, the experience to encourage others, as they, too, seek God’s will for their careers in the writing world. Or perhaps just seek God’s will.

Daily, as I sit down at my desk, God reminds me that it is His will and not mine at work. This abundance of work keeps me on my knees, head down, mouth shut to listen to Him. I know daily that I can’t succeed without him. My faith has moved to a new level.

For being a writer involves far more than getting “the call”. Besides writing the book, one has to execute line edits and read galleys for books coming out, while writing the next novel. Once books start coming out, one has to market them, network with people, fill out a gazillion forms. Losing sight of the purpose behind the writing is too easy. Setting priorities has proven important to me. My husband and four-legged children still must come first. At the same time, this is my job and treating it as such is important. Most of all, I must never lose focus on the one who brought me here.

Now that Colin Grassick, a master glass-blower from Scotland, has arrived to help at the Jordan glassworks, Meg Jordan's dreams of teaching the poor, local children are coming true. Finally, someone will have time to make windows for the rural New Jersey schoolhouse, to keep out the cold - and vandals. To Joseph Pyle, the wealthy, arrogant man to whom Meg will soon be betrothed, the destruction of Meg's new windows is inconsequential - as his wife, she will be forbidden from teaching. Why would Meg's father insist she marry a man like Joseph and stay away from the endearing Colin?

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  1. I had the pleasure to read this book, and I am excited to see it shared with others here. It's a big story wrapped in a little cover, with sweet romance, sabotage, and a happily ever after ending all packed in the middle. Good luck to the winner!

  2. Appreciate the comments about having our head down and listening to God's will and timing. For all of us that is so hard at times. Thanks for the reminder.

    I keep hearing good things about this story. Would love to win a copy.

    A J Hawke

  3. This is such an inspiring post--it is hard to wait for His timing sometimes, but it is so worth the wait. :)


  4. Thanks for the giveaway! I also appreciated the thoughts on dying to self and submitting to God.


  5. Excellent thoughts, Laurie Alice! I appreciate them all the more as I'm now entering the publishing process for the first time. One never knows what lies ahead, but it all works for good.

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  6. i would love to read this novel...thanks for the opportunity :)

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  7. Thank you for the opportunity to enter your drawing. I was sent here via Carmen at Christian Book Giveaways. I really did enjoy what you had to say about "the call" and dying to self.

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  8. I would love to read this book! Carman sent me. Thanks! bluerose_shelnut(at)yahoo(dot)com

  9. Hmm, my earlier comment didn't show up. Trying again.

    It's all about surrendering our will to the Lord's. Not easy. Matters regardless of what is important to us--publishing, losing weight, getting that really cool handbag in the window of Nordstrom's. LOL

  10. I would love to read your novel. Thanks for the chance at winning a copy. Blessings Brenda

  11. I would love to own a copy! It sounds wonderful!

    Thanks and God bless!

    ~Katie G.

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  12. Have not read anything by this author, but am looking forward to it. Count me in on the giveaway. Carmen sent me.

  13. The author's story is so interesting. I know The Glassblower is a good book.


  14. Awesome interview! Looks like a good book. please enter me into win. Carmen sent me :)

  15. I would love to read this book. Sounds like a wonderful read

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  21. I would love to read this book. It sounds like a really good story.

  22. It's interesting how we want things the way we want but that is not how things always go. Faith is a great gift to have.

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  23. Seems like a great read!

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  24. God has surely blessed your writing. Many future joys and successes to you! :O)

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  25. I would love to win this book. I had the opportunity to watch a glassblower when I was very young and it is definitely an art.

    Cindy W.


  26. This sounds like a wonderful book that I would love to read.

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