Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Do pets go to heaven?

It seems a sad way to start a blog but it is part of being human. Six days ago I lost a beloved pet. Her name was Cali and she was a shetland sheepdog, aka sheltie. Cali was ten years old when she passed and gave us no reason to believe she was sick. Her death came suddenly and within an hour of realizing something wasn't right she threw a blood clot and was gone.

Some people might think it silly the tears I cried for her but the pain I felt and still feel is very real. The Lord gives us the desires of our heart and Cali was mine, a tiny sheltie that loved me. She blessed my life in a very special way. I am not sure why God chose to take her but I am thankful for every one of those years I was blessed with. My life was enriched by her life and she was there when I need her the most.

So the question is do animals go to heaven? A question that most pet owners have asked themselves. The bible doesn't give us a clear answer. That doesn't mean a negative answer though. It just means God's word doesn't tell us.
The bible is our map to redemption. It tells us that the human race is a fallen race and we are born into sin. We have to have Christ's redemptive blood to get to heaven. Isaiah 11:6 does mention animals, however, many believe they are symbolic of people. I do believe there will be animals in heaven because they are one of God's beautiful creations. Why would He not have them in Heaven? I'd like to believe Cali will be there but if she isn't I know that I will not be sad because God promises us there will be no more tears when we get there. I wish I had a better answer a definate yes but there is none. Not until the day when He calls us home and we can see what heaven holds.


  1. Awe, Debbie Lynne, you pierce my heart with that photo and story. Your question is one to which I have given a considerable amount of thought.
    I find my peace in Romans 8:21
    "the creation itself would also be set free from corrupting bondage in order to share the glorious freedom of God's children."

    What could be more glorious than sharing heaven?
    Does it not say in Ezekiel that the river which proceeds from the throne is teeming with life? And if there are TREES whose leaves are for the healing of the nations, then why not animals?

    I take comfort in the fact that although animals were not meant to bear the spirit of God in the flesh like humans, I do believe they have souls. What is the soul but the mind, will and emotion? Have you ever met a beloved dog that lacked a strong will, a keen sense of our emotions and a mind of their own?
    : )
    Touching post.

  2. Debbie Lynne, thank you for sharing your sorrow and your hope. I too often wonder whether animals will have a role beyond the one they play here. Especially the animals we love so much—like our shelties. : )


  3. It is so hard to lose a beloved pet. We still think of our black lab even after ten years and two other dogs since he has died. He was our long-time pet and a member of our little family. May God bring you peace in this.

  4. Debbie, I can relate to your pain. A couple years ago I lost a very precious cat named Snowball. He was the kind of cat who never left my side and even talked to me during the day. I thought the pain of his passing would never go away. But I too believe that our pets will be in heaven. And I'm going to have a whole farm's worth!